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<arjanb>hi luc03:18
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<arjanb>did you have time to work on nice?03:34
<lucp>not lately. i'm having problems with my hard drive. i have a new one on the way.03:36
<arjanb>hard drives seem to have poorer quality nowadays..03:38
<lucp>i've lost 3 of them in about 5 years03:47
<lucp>i have been thinking about the solution for the protected methods problem, i am just not sure on how to implement it properly.03:57
<arjanb>a few choices, redirect methods could be generated for all protected methods from a java class extended by a nice class or it can be done on need04:18
this only matters a little for the class size04:21
<lucp>the first seems easier to implement, the second seems to be the optimal solution04:25
<lucp>protected methods dont make much sense when dealing with multimethods anyway, but we are forced to deal with them.04:27
<arjanb>indeed therefore Nice won't get the protected keyword04:29
general approach could be check in codegen of a call to a java methods whether it's protected and then ask the correct nice class to add a static redirect method and call that instead
i have no idea how to select the nice class to put the redirect in04:30
<lucp>the nice.tools.code.Types.typeConstructor() method seems to be able to convert the bytecode type to the nice type.04:36
<arjanb>that doesn't get you closer to a nice class04:39
<arjanb>that method gives the type it has in the typesystem04:41
<lucp>NiceClass.java has a static method to lookup the nicelcass with a tc04:49
the problem is there's no simple link from superclasses to subclasses04:53
so the check for protected calls needs to be done at a place where the responsible nice class is still known04:58
good night05:47
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hello cm_14:22
<cm_>hello fcb
<fcb>we should talk about nicedoc and get moving with it14:23
Any progress lately?
<fcb>no - I've been busy with some other things, but that's why it will be good when are active on it as well14:24
is there anything you particularly wanted to do?
<cm_>True, I have also been quite busy14:25
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<cm_>I might be good to discuss the overall design
<fcb>yep - currently its a mess
<arjanb>hello cm_, fcb14:27
Is the html-document created in a two phase fashion, ie. 1. build some internal structure 2. generate html?14:29
<fcb>not really. I wanted to do that, but in the end I ended up generating the html as I go because that meant I didn't have to come up with an intermediate form.14:31
<cm_>It might be a good idea as some discissions could perhaps not be taken on the fly. 14:32
Also to support pluggable back-ends 14:33
<fcb>you can see from the classes that what I wanted was to have a main class which parses the command line, etc, and a document class that represents an individual class or file or whatever, and then the htmlwriter which actually writes the html14:35
unfortunately it didn't work out that way because I coded before thinking in my enthusiasm14:37
<fcb>yes, so basically I'm all in favour of that idea14:38
one of the things I want to do is have a lot more links in there. for example, if you have int a_method(String s), int and String should be hyperlinks. I think an intermediate form might assist in achieving this14:39
question is, how to achieve it?14:40
<cm_>Hyperlinked to the type/class doc?14:41
<fcb>that's what I'd like to see, yes. but when I said "how to achieve it?" I really meant "what should the intermediate form look like?"14:42
<cm_>Back-patching perhaps, class B is used as argument in method A.f(B b). If the B isn't processed you would have to back-patch that reference later.14:49
<fcb>yes, agreed.14:50
<cm_>If not the location (file and section in the html-file) is an explicit function of the type
<fcb>I don't follow that last bit14:51
<cm_>In the latter approach is a two-phase method required
location("class A","Method f") = ("file A.html", "section #f")14:52
<fcb>I'm still not fully following but unfortunately I have to go now. That's the problem of the time difference! I will try and get back on here tomorrow so we can discuss further.14:55
<cm_>Ok, see you later. bye
What time is it where you are located?14:56
by the way, feel free to start doing things with the code if you feel like it
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Can someone help me with the Nice Eclipse plugin?
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