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<arjanb>hello leblin01:35
<leblin>i found a few problems with the compiler.01:37
away for dinner.01:38
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there's some problems with importing classes that i should be able to fix.02:03
first, java package imports aren't validated. if the package is not found, the compiler says nothing02:04
second, if you use a class that is dependant on other classes not available in the classpath, the compiler will tell you the class is not defined instead of a more helpful error02:06
<arjanb>the first one should not be hard to fix02:09
<leblin>i think they are both easy fixes.. i spent some time looking at the way nice loads classes yesterday02:10
<arjanb>how could that error message be made more helpfull?
<leblin>nice should tell you what dependant class is not available instead.02:11
<arjanb>then the errormessage is quite useless now.02:15
<leblin>i got very frustrated while trying to compile the eclipse plug in, and i was missing some of the jar files in the class path02:16
<arjanb>do have an idea how/where to fix it?02:20
<leblin>yes.. TypeImport.lookupQualifiedJavaClass02:22
<arjanb>hmm ignored exceptions..02:26
<leblin>ClassNotFoundException is thrown if the class you are looking for is not available. NoClassDefFoundError is thrown if a dependant class is not available.02:28
therefore, the later should not be ignored.. the first should.
<arjanb>i see02:30
could you write a patch? (i'm not familliar with classloading)02:31
<leblin>e.getMessage() returns the class
yes, i can make one tonight.. i should be able to fix the first problem too02:32
i must go run an errand. i'll post the patch on the project page02:42
<arjanb>you could send the patch to daniel and ask for cvs access
<leblin>okay, daniel has not responded to my first email yet02:43
<leblin>i must go.. goodbye02:48
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hi bonniot
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hello daniel10:06
<arjanb>did you get email from luc perrin?10:14
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<arjanb>i'm converting NiceClass and a few related atm12:11
one thing i found missing is type inference for tuples12:13
i want to write let (a, b) = ... or (let a, let b) = ... but neither is possible now12:14
the first form looks better to me but the second may be more consistent12:15
almost forgot an appointment.. , back in 2 hours12:29
<bonniot>the first form looks better to me too15:29
<arjanb>ok i will add that soon16:37
javacc seems not robust:17:08
Exception in thread "main" bossa.parser.Parser$LookaheadSuccess
at bossa.parser.Parser.<init>(Parser.java:8282)
at bossa.parser.JavaccParser.read(JavaccParser.java:67)
<bonniot>yeah that looks like a bug. you should report it to them17:10
<arjanb>void test()17:23
?let foo = bar;
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<bonniot>arjanb: what is that? I don't see why this would be useful?21:45
<arjanb>a test case causing that javacc error21:58
i'm trying to call some constructor but the only thing nicec wants to tell me is the number of arguments isn't correct :(23:33
<bonniot>that's not normal. can you make a testcase?23:51
<arjanb>would be hard since it's some code in bossa.syntax23:53
the strange thing is that if i use named parameters for a field that it says no parameter exist with that name23:57
<bonniot>the point about making a testcase is to make it self-contained. that can be by modifying it progressively00:11
<arjanb>yes but self-contained and bootstrap process are quite the opposite00:21
<bonniot>you think the case is not reproducible in a self-contained case?00:42
hmm it was an user error :(00:49
the errors message are misleading and not informative in some cases00:55
number of arguments error doesn't make sense with optional parameters00:57

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