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<bonniot>good night00:37
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<bonniot>can you implement the change for constructors?12:05
<arjanb>i think so12:19
but probably not today, i'm limiting computers use this week because of protesting limbs :(12:21
what's wrong with your limbs, btw?12:59
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i agree the java api uses exceptions too much but to introduce perlism for that..14:34
<bonniot>there could be a ligher form of try catch:14:36
try exp catch(IOException) exp;14:37
<arjanb>where the whole thing is an expression too?14:38
<arjanb>it could make sense for others statements like if14:46
<arjanb>all except the loops and synchronized could be made expressions14:54
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<bonniot>i'll be away from tomorrow until sunday...23:50
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