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<bonniot>are you a gentoo developer too?13:18
<hunter>what does it mean
<bonniot>there was a gentoo developer here recently (karltk)13:19
<hunter>who are you male or female?
<bonniot>ok, you tricked me13:20
<bonniot>you question did not seem related to the topic... ;-)13:22
<hunter>hahaha.....ok. what is the topic?13:23
<bonniot> /help topic13:24
<hunter>i didn't understood?13:25
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<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/NiceClass.java: Minor: removed useless variable.14:39
<bonniot>hi arjan. you didn't notice a recent slowdown for the testsuite, did you?15:58
<arjanb>not in the last 2 weeks afaik16:45
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