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yesterday there was a request for online docs of the nice standard libraries12:32
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i had some connection problems18:42
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could the guy generate docs locally with nicedoc?
<arjanb>i think not18:49
but it's not much of use without index pages
and bootstrapping didn't work in cygwin18:53
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<bonniot>any precise report?18:54
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i have tried cygwin once but never got java working19:06
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<arjanb>i won't have time to work on Nice this week so why not release now?22:06
<bonniot>yes, it should be soon22:53
the extension of array get/set syntax to multiple arguments should be mentioned in NEWS22:54
the delay was because bootstrap failed with kaffe. it turned out to be a bug in gnu classpath, which I reported22:55
good night22:57
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