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Hello. Anyone in here?12:24
I'm looking for a copy of the javadocs for the Nice library.
the makefile breaks horribly under windows+cygwin12:25
Ah, I found what javadoc did produce. It made a C:\cygdrive\c directory. Cute12:26
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<skew>that's strange, you were listed in the channel when I joined13:12
and now you join again?
Do you know where to find a copy of the javadocs for nice?
I've tried to build them for myself, but the build breaks horribly under windows+cygwin13:13
<arjanb>i don't think there is a copy13:14
<skew>I've got some javadocs now, but I was expecting some collection classes, and other wrappings
I got some javadoc errors, maybe those were the interesting files.13:16
<arjanb>you could try nicedoc over the nice.lang package but nicedoc is only in prototype stage
<skew>I'd prefer not to read all the nice.lang source, if there is another option.
<arjanb>there should be a nicedoc batch file somewhere13:19
<skew>I found that, nicedoc.bat13:20
I don't know how to use it. I've tried nicedoc.bat --sourcepath src --outdir doc nice
oh, I should check the package name
with nice.lang, which actually exists, it just produces no output13:22
rather, an index.html with no meaningful content13:23
<arjanb>on the source from cvs?
<skew>nicedoc is supposed to be run on source, right?
<skew>I'm in the root directory of the source distribution, feeding src as the sourcepath,
nicedoc.bat --sourcepath src --outdir doc nice.lang13:24
should that work?
<arjanb>try --sourepath stdlib
<skew>It says "nice.lang: parsing", then exits
now I get a FileNotFoundException for nice\lang\*1890982502.html13:26
<arjanb>you're using an older version i think13:28
<skew>I've got the source archive from the webpage.
I can try from CVS
<arjanb>you can try the development version from nice.sf.net\nice.jar13:29
<skew>that seems to be just the compiler13:32
I've got a working copy of all that, from the windows binary distribution.
I'm just trying to get myself some docs to read.13:33
well, none of this seems to be working. How big is the standard library?13:35
<arjanb>not so big most new functions are in collection.nice13:36
you could mail daniel for putting the docs online13:37
<skew>they should be up somewhere.13:40
<arjanb>besides the docs do you have question or suggestions on Nice?13:46
<skew>no, the language docs are fine13:48
I'm planning on making something with swing, and the nice-swing docs cover that13:49
I'm reading collections.nice now13:50
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hello arjan14:24
<fcb>I'm trying to fix a problem with my nicedoc that daniel found14:29
It happened when trying to doc something to do with nand: nand: <B | B:nice.lang.BooleanAlgebra> (B, B)->B14:31
do you know what package this is in?
I'm trying to reproduce the error14:32
<arjanb>that's in nice.lang
<fcb>but where is nice.lang? my src directory contains nice.tools but I can't see lang14:35
<arjanb>in the stdlib directory14:36
<CIA-3>03fbarber * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/htmlwriter.nice: Fixed a bug where the types in the method list where not html encoded.14:47
<arjanb>fcb: classes are buggy too see Sure.html for example15:06
oh, dear - sure.html looks awful :(15:31
<CIA-3>03fbarber * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/htmlwriter.nice: Fixed a bug where the class hierarchy was being incorrectly html encoded.
<fcb>I really appreciate you letting me know about bugs - that's arjan
I meant: thanks, arjan
<arjanb>what are your plans for the index files?15:47
<fcb>not quite sure yet15:49
daniel was suggesting grouping methods etc by their source file as well.15:51
so I probably implement that next
anyway, time for me to go. see you later15:53
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