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<bonniot>i saw you implemented 'assert ... != null' ;-)12:48
<arjanb>too simple to do for not implementing it12:49
it should be mentioned in NEWS12:50
<CIA-7>03arjanb * 10Nice/NEWS: assert x != null;12:57
<bonniot>i think we could release 0.9.912:59
<arjanb>aren't there some bugs that needs be fixed first?13:02
for example the internal error when having less type params than a java super class13:03
<bonniot>true. only I'm afraid it's hard to fix at this point13:05
<arjanb>then it should be in the release notes13:07
<bonniot>i'm checking
why did you add importing of nice packages in the UM omissions?13:09
<arjanb>someone got confused by import some.nicepackage.*; not working as expected13:14
i looked for giving a warning in that case but it couldn't find a way to do13:19
<bonniot>it's not really an omission though:13:22
the bug seems actually easily fiaxble13:26
was it reported only on irc?13:31
<bonniot>ok, it's fixed13:38
and it doesn't work for retypings but that's not urgent i think13:39
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/NEWS: Cleanup.13:46
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fix classes with less type parameters than a Java parent.14:05
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<arjanb>hello cm14:10
<cm__>hi arjanb,bonniot14:28
<bonniot>you were the one who found a problem with a class having less type parameters than a Java parent, right? I just fixed that14:30
<arjanb>hmm that case is a problem with retypings14:47
<cm__>Yes, I had problems with retyping a class impl. java.util.Iterator14:56
Ok, but do you refer to the problem with class MyMap extends Map<A,B) {}?14:57
<bonniot>the second one15:02
<arjanb>daniel: anything else that needs to be done before release?16:09
<bonniot>not much I can think of atm16:10
it could be good to give some figures about the speedup thanks to your optimization of coverage
i'd like to be able to use nicedoc for publishing docs of the libs soon16:12
but that's mostly independent from the release16:13
<arjanb>it's hard to give figures about the speedup16:22
<bonniot>from some examples16:25
NiceSwing, HelloWorld
i remember something like 15% global speedup
<arjanb>the testsuite yes16:26
<cm__>arjanb: Is the problem with using a java class impl. the Iterator interface resolved (in general)? 17:18
<bonniot>can you state the problem?17:20
<cm__>A class implementing the Interface in java. Retyping that such that the class parameter is specified such that Object next() is redefined to MyObject next();17:49
<bonniot>what did you try?17:53
<cm__>class MyIterator<String> = native MyIterator;17:54
Then you have to retype the constructor as well as:
<T> MyIterator<T> MyIterator() = native new MyIterator();
T should be String17:55
But you can't instansiate the class without specifying the type parameter:
MyIterator i= new MyIterator();17:56
Results in:
MyIterator has 1 type parameter
MyIterator<String> i= new MyIterator();
work however
It would be "nice" with a single statement to specialize the type parameter (with the class type construct for example)17:57
Sometimes it doesn't make sense to have type parameters for classes that have inhereted type constraints, eg String in this simple example.17:59
Did that make sense to you?18:00
could you trx:
class MyIterator extends Iterator<String> = native ...;
(class MyIterator<String> declares a class with one type parameter, which happens to be called String)18:10
<bonniot>it works?
<cm__>class MyIterator implements Iterator<String> = native MyIterator;18:39
MyIterator i= new MyIterator();
String x= i.next();
I works!
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<arjanb>daniel: i'm working on conversion again but i'm not sure if it's usefull to do the Definition subclasses22:53
<bonniot>as you like23:28
good night23:52
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<cm>good night00:29
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