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<arjanb>no news from me, i didn't get anything done i planned to last week15:57
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<cm__>Hi all, why isn't it possible to write: class Foo extends HashMap<String, String> {}19:44
they do not have the same number or kind of type parameters
<arjanb>that's a limitation of the typesystem but this case should be possible with the development version19:48
hmm maybe not19:49
daniel: something is wrong when using less type parameters on java superclasses19:50
this works:19:52
class Bar<K, V> {}
class Foo extends Bar<String, String> {}
<CIA-1>03arjanb * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/classes/specialization.testsuite: Testcase for bug in extending a java class with less type parameters.20:26
<bonniot>hi cm__20:52
yes, this case is supposed to work with the upcoming version, but since it was implemented recently it seems it needs some adaptation20:54
that said, are you sure you need to extend HashMap? It might also be more logical to have a field in Foo with type Map<String,String>20:55
it depends what Foo is supposed to be
<cm__>bonniot: Thanks21:37
Is partial evalution supported in nice?23:45
<arjanb>what do you mean?23:51
<cm__>Like in Haskell for example. The function "add" has the type: Num -> Num -> Num. So, +10 has the type: Num -> Num.23:53
I know you can do it programatically
<arjanb>Nice doesn't have currying but an alternative will be added (before 1.0 ?) see proposal: http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Dev/PartialApplicationSyntax23:56
<cm__>arjanb: Ok, thanks. If think nice is very promising. Are lists defined with [] ([1,2,3,]) immutable?00:01
<arjanb>no it's just an array that implements the list interface so fixed size but mutable00:03
<cm__>Strange, I got "OperationNotSuppored" when issuing the method add00:04
UnsupportedOperationException to be precise00:05
<arjanb>yes because they are fixed size
If think it would be a nice synt. suger to write []. Any reason to why it is fixed?00:06
<arjanb>it's implemented as an array00:08
<cm__>ok. Last question... Any plans to support pattern matching (as in SML, Haskell etc)00:09
<arjanb>well multimethods in Nice is quite similar to patterns matching00:14
the main difference is that we don't support nested patterns yet
good night00:18
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