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03xoltar * 10Nice/ (8 files in 4 dirs): Added new [] overloads for lists - slicing, relative-to-end indexing, filters, etc.08:24
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<CIA-1>03bonniot * 10Nice/stdlib/nice/lang/range.nice: Range does not support remove and removeAll.14:43
03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/parser/Parser.jj: 14:51
Remove parsing for "= ...;". It was only used for compiled toplevel functions,
which do not exist anymore.
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hi daniel17:09
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i thought you were away!
<arjanb>yes but back earlier than i expected17:49
<CIA-1>03bonniot * 10Nice/debian/changelog: 0.9.8-2
<arjanb>planning to do a release?17:51
<bonniot>not exactly, it's just a new package of 0.9.8 for Debian17:52
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<bonniot>hi hallucinogenic
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<arjanb>only half of the variance problem left :-)18:22
<bonniot>yes :-)18:26
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hi arjanb
<bonniot>hi hallucinogenic 18:43
i just noticed: are you working for sun?
<bonniot>interesting :-)
<hallucinogenic>Don't hate me cuz I work for Sun :P
<hallucinogenic>No just a java user
<bonniot>i won't!
<hallucinogenic>nothing to do with Java the language ;)
<bonniot>they make a good VM and libraries to build a language upon ;-)
Good to hear that18:45
<CIA-1>03arjanb * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/typing/dti.testsuite: Added failure positions.19:11
<bonniot>now can you implement some of it? ;-)19:21
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<hallucinogenic>Oh, was that directed to me bonniot?19:22
<bonniot>no, don't be afraid ;-)19:23
Are you using JavaCC or ANTLR ?
or hand crafting it?
Have you heard about/looked into "packrat parsing"?19:24
<bonniot>javacc at the moment
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/debian/control: Use short-form email address, so that no tool thinks there are NMUs.
<bonniot>haven't heard about it
<hallucinogenic>"NMUs" ?19:25
Non Mail URIs ?
<bonniot>Non Maintainer Uploads19:26
this is something about the Debian package
<bonniot>what's packrat parsing?19:27
sorry to ask you to google :)
http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/classic/message11167.html <-- LtU thread19:29
The Packrat parsing question was just for my own curiosity. http://www.pdos.lcs.mit.edu/~baford/packrat/ says JavaCC and ANTLR use similar syntactic model but generate LL(k) parsers.19:33
<bonniot>arjan has been looking at antlr19:34
<hallucinogenic>And would he share his thoughts? :)
It'd be interesting to hear it from someone using JavaCC first19:35
and using it practically
<arjanb>packrat parsing seems mainly about the internal working of a parser19:41
<hallucinogenic>How does ANTLR compare to JavaCC in your opinion?19:44
<arjanb>they are quite similar though ANTLR has more builtin tree handling while JavaCC is more convenient for embedding actions in the grammar19:46
things i would like to have is better error reporting\recovery support, not being required to add lookaheads, easier making parser backend for another languages19:51
packrat parsing could be more efficient but that's not an important issue anymore19:55
* hallucinogenic nods
<bonniot>ok, i'll be going, away for a week19:57
see you later...19:58
<hallucinogenic>have fun
<arjanb>daniel: i will try local type inference coming week20:01
have a good vacation20:03
<bonniot>cool, good luck!
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<CIA-7>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ (11 files): Cleanup of nullness things in converted code.23:04

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