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<arjanb>the using nice from java example in the manual doesn't compile11:10
<bonniot>can you fix it?11:31
<arjanb>the problem is that some methods are not compiled into the dispatch class anymore11:32
<bonniot>which ones?11:36
<arjanb>the ones declared in Nice on a class11:39
<bonniot>i don't think it matter if the method is declared inside or outside a class11:47
it's just whether the first argument is a Nice class or not
but why is that a problem?11:48
<arjanb>yes by a method declared on a interface doesn't it happen
<bonniot>i don't understand your sentence
<arjanb>when using nice from java now you need to figure out for each method whether to use x.foo() or dispatch.foo(x)11:50
<bonniot>yes, it's a drawback11:52
but x.foo() is much more natural in Java, so it's better to have this in more cases
are you saying it doesn't happen if the first argument is an interface?11:53
well, it's a bit more difficult in that case, but it should be doable too
the manual should definitely be updated11:54
to match what is currently implemented11:55
you could open a RFE for interfaces
<arjanb>i don't think making it work for interfaces is worth the effort atm12:04
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<bonniot>could you commit your fixes to the manual?15:59
another thing, it seems there was an error in your last commit. compilation now fails on ExpLocalVariable.java:2518:32
hmm then i forget to remove that file
<CIA-7>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ExpLocalVariable.java: Removed explocalvariable.18:50
03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/modules/ (Package.java Content.java): 19:21
Make sure to get the imported packages from the source version when
recompilation is forced.
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* hallucinogenic is split between Scala and Nice (I repeat) :)19:44
Leaning towards nice now because of less new syntax to learn19:47
<hallucinogenic>hi arjanb19:57
<arjanb>scala uses a more unusual syntax indeed20:01
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<hallucinogenic>Is the syntax for Nice all firmed up or is that an ongoing discussion?20:37
<arjanb>still open for discussion20:38
<hallucinogenic>Also, is any syntax going to conflict with JDK 1.5 syntax? Additionally, is a valid Java 1.5 program a valid nice program?20:39
<arjanb>what do mean with conflicting syntax?20:40
<hallucinogenic>The for loops for example
The New for loops20:41
<arjanb>Nice isn't a strict superset of Java
<hallucinogenic>I see
<arjanb>most Java source needs minor changes to compile as Nice code20:42
Nice hasn't inner clases, static keyword, casts20:43
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<bonniot>hi hallucinogenic21:37
the new for loop has the same syntax in Nice21:38
<hallucinogenic>hi bonniot21:47
I stumbled across your weblog21:48
You should write more :)
And bryan keller is doing an awesome job comparing Groovy and Nice21:50
And arjanb should update the comparison page some more ;)
<arjanb>isaac did the comparison, i only corrected a few details on the Nice side21:54
<bonniot>hallucinogenic: ok, i shall write more21:57
omg, it's being logged, omg, omg , omg http://confer09.condor-edv.com/nice@freenode/2004-08-10.html22:02
I I bet 5c it's all CIA-7's doing22:06
<arjanb>no that's a commit message bot22:08
<hallucinogenic>Who'd logging this then? Ah Gummi_log ?22:09
daniel: a suggestion for blog topic implementing methods in interfaces22:19
yesterday someone here was wondering why it's usefull and i don't know how to explain that well22:21
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