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<CIA-5>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/typecheck.nice: Typos.10:45
<arjanb>i noticed calling nice code from java gets fragile very easily13:58
it's hard to track down where null's might coming from in java code13:59
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<bonniot>what do you mean by fragile?14:50
<arjanb>that small changes causes problems elsewhere15:16
another thing is the mix of arrays and list, some maybe null, some intended to be immutable in bossa.syntax15:18
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how's it going?16:28
<bonniot>fine, thanks. you?16:37
<fcb>aaah, hello16:38
good, thanks
I can actually parse the doc comment now :)
so what's next?
<fcb>well, there are 3 things. Firstly, it needs to work properly in windows. At the moment, it tries to create filenames that contain characters that are illegal in windows, but work in Linux. Does Nice/Java have a way of telling us what illegal characters are for the currect os? or do you think I should broad and only use alphanumeric chars?16:41
<arjanb>alphanumeric and _ and $ will work everywhere i think16:44
<fcb>I was kind of thinking about future operating systems too, but I think I'm being a bit paranoid!!! I go with your suggestion, arjan16:45
<arjanb>java allow these in class names so in files too16:47
<fcb>Secondly, I need to improve the look and feel. I want to add a pluggable style-sheets (css). Have you seen www.csszengarden.com? It's really cool. I don't expect people will want to do really funky graphics and stuff, but I think it demonstrates the flexibility quite nicely16:48
And thirdly, (this will be the tricky bit) I want to make it so there are lots of links like javadoc. For example, if a method takes a String as an argument, you should be able to click on String to view that doc page.16:52
<bonniot>yes, that would be great!16:53
<arjanb>using css is a good idea now most browser support it well16:54
<bonniot>the compiler has already resolved names to their definition, that should help
<CIA-3>03fbarber * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/ (comment.nice htmlwriter.nice):
htmlwriter.nice: Cosmetic changes to the output.
comment.nice: typo fixed in one of the doc comments.
<fcb>yeah, I think CSS1 is pretty widely supported.16:55
"the compiler has already resolved names to their definition". does this involve, for example, ClassDefinition.Class?16:57
anyway, does the plan sound ok?16:59
<arjanb>couldn't the links be based on the fully qualified names of classes?17:00
<bonniot>yes. point 1 is obviously important
I'll check out the output looks like now. but I guess hyperlinking will be a great plus17:01
the resolution is to a type. that gives you the fully qualified name easily17:02
you can also get the class definition from there if you wish, but i'm not sure that's needed
<fcb>yes, arjan, I think you spot on with that. I think that the tricky bit might be knowing what is available to be linked to. I don't what alot of broken links.17:03
fair enough, daniel
<arjanb>i don't think broken links are a problem if something isn't available17:05
<fcb>no? but what if I am generating a page for a method that using String, but I'm not generating a page for String? Can this happen?17:06
<bonniot>surely, since String is in the JDK17:07
<arjanb>it could happen if there no nice source available of classes you refer to
<bonniot>but it would make sense to take as a parameter an URL with JDK javadocs
what is javadoc's behaviour in this regard?
<fcb>javadoc doesn't provide a link at all. You will notice that if run javadoc on your own sources, it won't link to java.lang.String because it doesn't have the source for that.17:09
<bonniot>doesn't -linkoffline allow that?17:12
I haven't encountered that option :)
oh, ok. I will have do to something along those lines then.17:14
anyway, I need to get some sleep. This timezone difference is annoying. sleep is annoying, too. it is a waste of time17:16
<arjanb>good night17:19
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03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ (Pattern.java dispatch.java.bootstrap tools.nice): Moved resolveGlobalConstants() out of Pattern.java.19:09
03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/ (6 files in 2 dirs): Converted NewExp to nice code.20:36

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