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<arjanb>what do you think of nested patterns?15:41
<bonniot>i'm writing an answer atm
i don't like the idea of adding a condition to patterns16:30
there is much room for improving patterns to try before i would consider adding a new construct16:33
i think implementing nested patterns is possible though i'm a bit worried about worst case coverage testing time16:39
<bonniot>the things is that conditions will still be needed in certain cases, and they are much easier to implement16:41
<arjanb>easier to implement but not for comparing\coverage testing patterns16:48
<bonniot>if you want to do comparison with nested matching, you have the same problem as with dynamic type inference with fields16:52
the value of the field could change in the middle of the test16:53
<arjanb>just restrict nested patterns to final fields16:54
<bonniot>it would be a good idea to get this working with dti16:58
<bonniot>dynamic type inference16:59
<arjanb>indeed though i haven't worked on that for weeks17:03
<bonniot>i described how I think package repositories should work, at http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Dev/PackageRepository18:10
<arjanb>looks good18:13
not sure whether a shared cache is worth the complexity, a cache for each project would suffice18:19
<bonniot>it can mean lost of wasted bandwidth18:48
what would be complex?
<arjanb>where to put these libraries18:49
<bonniot>what about under user.home ?18:51
<arjanb>that's not a logical place to put things in windows18:56
*away for meal*18:57
<bonniot>it could be something else on windows, i don't really care19:00
what is user.home on windows, by the way?
the cache could be a hidden directory
and it does not matter if it's lost, it's just a cache :-)19:01
only windows itself put things like config files in user.home19:18
i don't know any standard place to put these libraries19:20
<bonniot>what is the value of user.home?19:21
<arjanb>C:\Documents and Settings\username19:22
<bonniot>does the user still has write access on most of the system, or has this changed with NT based versions like XP ?19:24
<arjanb>yes, many programs still won't work if you don't have administrator rights19:25
<bonniot>so there is protection by default now19:26
<arjanb>i mean it hasn't changed
if these programs fail, it's because there is protection, right?
<bonniot>back in win98, there was not even the notion of administrator, i think
so the system has changed. now it's programs which need to behave better, if I understand correctly19:30
<bonniot>so which directories has a certain user write access to?19:32
<arjanb>i don't know19:33
i have never run as normal user
<arjanb>hmm not true i run as normal user when at the faculty19:36
but then i have write access to a part of networked harddisk19:37
is there a list of properties set everywhere?19:42
<arjanb>i see no alternative19:54
<CIA-8>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ (CustomConstructor.java dispatch.java.bootstrap tools.nice): Don't use specific expression/statements in enumdefinition.21:11
<arjanb>hmm i meant customconstructor :(
i'm a bit conversion tired21:12
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<hallucinogenic>hi there
Still looking at Nice and Scala and trying to decide which fits my style :)22:39
<arjanb>maybe this helps: http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Doc/NiceVersusScala22:41
<hallucinogenic>yeah looking at that page :)
<arjanb>feel free to ask questions22:49
This is like minute one of me looking at this ;) so it'll be a while before I need to
Are you guys working with Scala at all?
I mean at combining efforts or something
Or is that question totally misinformed22:51
<arjanb>i haven't tried scala even, only looked at the language definition22:52

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