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<bonniot>hello arjan12:12
<bonniot>do you know why there are so many null/non-null warnings?
<arjanb>mostly because of java methods that could return null but have the default retyping12:14
the unknown type could be useful when importing Java libraries that use generic classes13:02
instead of ignoring them, we could give those classes the unknown type as type parameter13:03
the typing would be imprecise of course, but at least the user can see it, instead of wondering why the method is not found13:04
and he can either use a cast (or assert instanceof), or he can decide to add the retyping
<arjanb>that would be usefull i just noticed the ignored method thing again13:05
*sigh* closed window with this weather because of the wasps13:22
<bonniot>it's cool around here (18?C)13:38
<arjanb>28 here13:39
hmm is SuperExp:267 buggy?13:51
<bonniot>in what case?14:12
<arjanb>the condition is probably inverted14:13
i guess that does not produce a bug, but it should be fixed for debugging purposes14:22
are you converting more classes?14:56
<CIA-8>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/ (6 files in 2 dirs): Converted SuperExp.java to nice.14:57
03bonniot * 10Nice/bin/ (niceunit.bat nicedoc.bat nicec.bat nicec): 17:30
Call 'dispatch' classes instead of 'fun', so that stack traces are printed
<bonniot>i'll probably commit the changes for Class<T> soon18:27
you haven't worked on TypeConstantExp ?18:28
<arjanb>not yet18:38
<bonniot>good, so wait until the commit :-)
<CIA-8>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 20:22
For literal arrays with a known expected type, perform type-checking on the
elements instead of inferring the type of the whole array.
<arjanb>does nice code make it easier to find improvements?20:26
<bonniot>this one I implemented before the switch, and ported it to your new implementation20:33
the loops look nicer, though :-)
<CIA-8>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (26 files in 11 dirs): java.lang.Class is now parameterized by the type it represents.21:00
<arjanb>why is unknowntype not mentioned in the news file?21:26
<bonniot>at the moment it's only used for Class21:27
as I said, it could be used for loading methods
but I'm not sure if it's ever useful to use it directly21:28
i mainly added it to the parser so that it can easily parse package.nicei which can have ? in it
can you see any other use for it?
<arjanb>not atm i just overlooked the 'could' in using it for loading methods21:30
isn't '?' to mean unknowntype a bit confusing?21:33
<bonniot>yes, there is already the nullness marker21:34
on the other hand, it should be very clear: Class<?> is a class object when you don't know which type it represents21:35
and since you probably don't write ? yourself, it mainly appears in error messages
<CIA-8>03bonniot * 10Nice/Makefile: Fix-up bootstrap for super.nice21:39
03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/NiceClass.java: Really make final fields final in the bytecode.21:56
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