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hello frank17:04
super means a call to the super method in itself17:05
so you can simply write:
return super + tokens.size();
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<bonniot>hello arjan17:11
<arjanb>have you looked at the converted code?17:14
<bonniot>i started17:17
why is the catch class called ACatch?17:18
i see most new files have a right copyright statement, but try.nice has the 2000 date :-)17:19
<arjanb>there was an ambiguity with the old catch calss17:20
<bonniot>i see
<arjanb>then i missed one with updating the dates17:21
<bonniot>it's strange actually, because the old one was TryStmt.Catch, no?17:22
<bonniot>so I wonder what created the ambiguity17:23
<arjanb>i just changed the name and forgot to look for the problemn later17:24
<bonniot>it's not terribly important17:26
does your version pass the testsuite?
<bonniot>so what do you plan now?17:27
<arjanb>not sure17:29
i can clean up the new nice code and split up some classes like returnstmt17:30
or prepare more java for conversion: reducing imports, moving some methods to superclasses17:31
<bonniot>return.nice is already very short17:32
<arjanb>almost most every method on returnstmt has if (value == null) adding voidreturnstmt would solve that17:33
<bonniot>good idea17:35
<arjanb>i'd like to commit the first parts of the conversion soon because i have too much changes hanging around in my tree
no significant difference in testsuite run time?17:36
<arjanb>in Nice it's more convenient to have more and more specialized classes
haven't measured the run time yet17:37
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<arjanb>no difference here17:52
<arjanb>what should i change in the cleanup before commiting all this?18:09
<bonniot>it looks good. do you know of anything that need changing?18:26
<bonniot>i'm investigating supporting Class<T>18:55
<arjanb>*away for a few hours*18:59
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<bonniot>frank, did you see my answer?19:13
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