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hi friends
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<bonniot>how did frank contact you about the StringTokenizer issue?17:27
<arjanb>here about 2 weeks ago17:38
<bonniot>does he know it's working now?17:42
<arjanb>don't think so but he has a workaround17:43
<arjanb>i have to track down a little bug in location stuff and then the easy part of the conversion is done18:14
<arjanb>it's only 70kb of 500 of bossa.syntax java classes18:45
<bonniot>which part is it?18:47
<arjanb>only expressions and statemtents18:48
<bonniot>did you find any new fact that could influence the split in packages?18:51
<arjanb>Pattern.java use various classes directly18:53
<bonniot>wasn't that a pb that the split solves?18:54
<bonniot>so what do you think about the organization in packages?19:22
<arjanb>i rather keep it close together but i see no other solution19:24
<bonniot>it makes sense to split19:25
for instance if you want to study or reimplement one phase, it's much simpler19:26
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<arjanb>i think 3 parts is enough ast, analysis/typechecking/prettyprinting and codegeneration19:36
<bonniot>the question is: can one want to use one part without another (or with a replacement)19:48
in that case it makes sense to split
for instance nicedoc needs analysis but not typechecking19:49
or one might want to implement a different typechecker, and that should not need a change in the analysis
<arjanb>typechecking does depend on preparing work in analysis19:54
send current version by mail20:15
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<bonniot>ok, I will look at it tomorrow22:14
good night22:15
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