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hello magnus!11:43
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<arjanb>?Expression analyse(?Expression, Info);13:45
override Expression analyse(Expression, Info);
analyse(null(Expression), info) = null;
Pattern null is incompatible with type bossa.syntax.Expression13:46
the compiler finds i need to use the override keyword but then the null patterns doesn't work13:48
<bonniot>is null(?Expression) accepted?13:51
you could also start with13:52
?Expression analyse(?Expression, Info) = null;
and then specialize for non-null cases
<arjanb>null(?Expression) doesn't parse
<bonniot>ok, that should be fixed13:53
i wonder how null(Type) can ever be used, since Type is non-null
<arjanb>?Expression analyse(?Expression, Info)13:54
void analyse(?Statement, Info);
<bonniot>i know that13:55
so null(Type) is OK, and we don't need null(?Type)13:56
the thing to change would be the decision about which method is implemented
<bonniot>?Expression analyse(?Expression, Info) = null; should be fine for you
<arjanb>yes that works13:57
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03arjanb * 10Nice/testsuite/compiler/overloading/specificity.testsuite: Testcase for bug in resolving methods with null patterns.14:32
03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/analyse.nice: Preciser typings for analyse methods.14:34
03arjanb * 10Nice/stdlib/nice/lang/java.nice: Retypings for StringTokenizer methods that are part of Enumeration.14:57
<arjanb>adding the retypings doesn't solve the overriding problem14:58
could you look at that?15:00
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/stdlib/nice/lang/java.nice: Fix typo.15:42
* arjanb slaps arjanb around a bit with a large trout15:44
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/OverloadedSymbolExp.java: Cleanup.
is the trout a reference to something known?15:49
<arjanb>i don't know /slap is a standard command in my irc client15:53
<bonniot>ok, not in mine...16:00
<arjanb>Ambiguity for symbol catches. Possibilities are :16:09
nice.lang.List<bossa.syntax.Catch> bossa.syntax.TryStmt.catches
nice.lang.List<bossa.syntax.TryStmt$Catch> catches(TryStmt) = native bossa.syntax.TryStmt.catches;
ambiguity between the new one and old one in nice.jar 16:10
<bonniot>isn't it that the retyping needs to be removed?16:15
<arjanb>right but that doesn't work in all cases:16:17
Ambiguity for symbol throwableTC. Possibilities are :16:18
mlsub.typing.TypeConstructor throwableTC()
?mlsub.typing.TypeConstructor throwableTC() = native bossa.syntax.PrimitiveType.throwableTC;
<bonniot>what causes this?16:20
<arjanb>i have no idea
PrimitiveType isn't in nice yet16:21
the odd thing is throwableTC isn't retyped explicitly anywhere16:26
i guess nicec gets confused at PrimitiveType.java line 190 and 19116:28
fields and methods shouldn't have the same name
<arjanb>i will remove the method16:30
i don't get this16:42
TryStmt.java:109 : Typing.leq(t, PrimitiveType.throwableTC);16:43
src\bossa\syntax\TryStmt.java:109: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : method throwableTC ()
location: class bossa.syntax.PrimitiveType
Typing.leq(t, PrimitiveType.throwableTC());
<bonniot>looks like you are compiling another file16:47
<arjanb>what happens if you remove the method version of throwableTC?16:48
<bonniot>then you should change16:54
<arjanb>i have done that and i have only one TryStmt.java file on my computer16:55
hmm saving that file again seems to fix it so it was probably a filesystem oddity :(17:00
<bonniot>where does Typing.leq(t, PrimitiveType.throwableTC()); come from?
location: class bossa.syntax.PrimitiveType17:01
isn't the error there?
doesn't javac give a line number?
<arjanb>something went wrong with saving that file17:04
<CIA-7>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ (TryStmt.java PrimitiveType.java): Removed the method version of throwableTC.17:11
<arjanb>grmbl now similar problems with another file :(17:22
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how can the file i see in the editor be different from the one the compiler reads? :( :(17:34
<CIA-7>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fix importing of class methods with contracts.18:06
<arjanb>shouldn't LabeledStmt.java:59 be an local variable instead of a field?18:37
hmm overlooked something19:11
there is check missing for custom constructors19:28
class X
?String s = null;
new X(String s) {
this(s: s);
this gives a stack overflow in the compiler
<CIA-7>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/OverloadedSymbolExp.java: Make sure not to loose the location of fieldaccesses.
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<arjanb>conversion is going slower than i expected22:58
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<arjanb>hmm a regression :(23:22
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<arjanb>only 50 lines an hour today23:50

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