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how are you doing?15:10
<arjanb>good, just visited my parents for a few days15:12
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<arjanb>do you know the static single assignment form?15:24
<arjanb>i think an extension called static single information is usefull for local type inference15:28
<bonniot>how would that work?15:29
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<arjanb>the main difference between ssa and ssi is that ssi duplicates variables at control flow splits15:31
my idea is to transform to ssi form first and then in a second pass do the type inference15:34
something i'm worried about is the circular dependency between typechecking and overloading15:47
typechecking depends on control flow and control depends on overloading in some cases as ||, && and function where closures can or can't escape15:48
<bonniot>this seems to mean that they need to be handled in the same pass15:53
<arjanb>this would make it quite complex i think16:03
<bonniot>it's already handled like that, isn't it?16:05
only assignments are ignored
<arjanb>the current solution of using only the function name works but could be incorrect sometimes
<bonniot>true, that was only done for simplicity16:06
but the design wouldn't need to be changed, would it?
i mean, typechecking is already done in the same pass as overloading resolution16:07
for example `||` 16:11
overloading depends on the arguments but the second argument can only be typechecked when it's know what kind of 'or' it is16:12
<bonniot>i see16:14
a clean way to handle this would be to consider a || b for syntactic sugar for16:16
which also shows that || might not evaluate its second argument16:18
<arjanb>why not `||`(a , ()=>b) ?16:19
<bonniot>you still have the same pb16:20
<arjanb>well that depends on whether overloading on function types is possible16:22
<bonniot>it is. why not?
overloading is possible on any type16:23
<arjanb>right, it was overloading resolution on function types that can be odd16:24
you mean overriding?
<arjanb>no i think we discussed the meaning of 'most specific' for function types some weeks ago16:29
<arjanb>rewrite of `||` and `&&` could work
any ideas for attaching info of when the second argument is evaluated to these functions?16:35
hardcoding it in the compiler works but isn't a neat solution
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<bonniot>that's not easy16:45
probably there could be a generic solution by adding more power to Macro16:46
but i'm not sure it's worth the effort at this point16:47
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<arjanb>i agree it's not urgent16:51
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<bonniot>good night22:42
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