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anyone here?
something happened to me
and I cannot sleep
it's 6:00 AM now
are you a nice programmer?21:33
<arjanb>one of the developers
great job!
I just re-invented the importance of multiple dispatch!21:34
and I am so excited..
<arjanb>wdym with re-invented?
I came across the idea, and then realized that nice already has it!
anyway, can I ask you something?
<uchchwhash>how long does it take to check something using 'instanceof'
I mean, is the process very slow?
<arjanb>i think that depends on the jvm21:37
<uchchwhash>does the VM have to search all the hierarchy to know that...
or is it a simple XOR pattern matching or something like that?
I mean, with every object, how is the type information stored in Java?21:38
<arjanb>i know next to nothing about jvm internals
<uchchwhash>any idea?
well, thanks anyway21:39
see you later
<arjanb>instanceof is a small factor slower than a 'virtual' method call i think
<uchchwhash>again, great job! I really love it
what do you mean 'virtual'?
<arjanb>you know the difference between final and non-final methods in java?21:40
<uchchwhash>do you mean 'abstract'? possibly no...
yes, I know the final methods cannot be overriden that's all
oh, so they CAN be overridden, and the JVM has to check for it everytime?21:41
<uchchwhash>great, I get the idea
any chance Java community might consider multiple dispatch?21:42
although I am sure they won
go for multi-methods per se... :)
<arjanb>the jvm almost hasn't for 10 years21:43
how does nice implement it then? :o
I mean, nice compiles to java bytecode, right?21:44
and runs on JVMs?
[I am confuzed a bit...]
<arjanb>with normal method calls on the first (the 'this') argument and use instanceof for the rest
<uchchwhash>it works even for the classes in java.lang package and the like?21:45
<arjanb>yes :-)
<uchchwhash>how do you override it? ...
OK, I guess I learned what I wanted21:46
thanks for your time... :)
arjan, is it?
<arjanb>compiling to bytecode can be quite tricky if you want to do more than java can21:47
<uchchwhash>I guess so... nice work ;)
see you then
thanks again
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