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<arjanb>good night00:45
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03bonniot * 10Nice/lib/emacs/nice-mode.el: Print unknow exit status number for debugging.01:20
03bonniot * 10Nice/bin/nicec: 01:22
Ignore SIGHUP signals, as these seem to terminate the JVM and override
the exit status with certain JVM under Emacs.
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<bonniot>are you better?13:10
<arjanb>not really13:14
<bonniot>i have made the modifications to load most classes without reflection22:59
it would be possible to load all of them like that, but then that wastes some time because you load Object, String, ... again23:00
<arjanb>and is changing classpaths handled too?23:15
<bonniot>you mean for eclipse?
<arjanb>no between compilations
<bonniot>yes, but when compiling using nicec there is a new JVM for each compilation, so no pb23:16
<arjanb>what are your plans for this summer?23:32
<bonniot>i will be away next week, but with some net access. fully away another week23:38
<arjanb>i don't go away this vacation except for a few weekends23:44
but i meant nice related plans23:47
<bonniot>we should get closer to 1.0 ;-)
now i'd like to add a way to loaded imported packages from a remote repository23:48
<arjanb>why is that something for a compiler to do?23:51
<bonniot>because the information about the dependencies in the source code23:54
so it makes sense to use it to do the right thing
you can always use external tools, but you end up duplicating code, or requiring more configuration23:55
and having it in the compiler encourages to use it
it's a good way to promote code reuse23:56
<arjanb>so then is it possible to put a remote location on the classpath?
<bonniot>that's the idea. of course it would use caching so you don't download at each compilation :-)23:59
<arjanb>the only problem i see is that there are a lot of different remote locations00:08
<arjanb>http, ftp, cvs, ...00:10
<bonniot>that's handled by URL
(not sure about CVS)00:11
but the idea is that you can write a package, and then put it up at a given URL, and then ppl can simply import your package to start using it
so it's enough if it handles http i think00:12
<arjanb>i see00:13
good night01:00
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