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<arjanb>good night00:33
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<arjanb>i have catched cold while it's summer :-(12:14
<CIA-6>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/code/ (Types.java TypeImport.java): Remember String=>Class mappings across compilations.14:06
<arjanb>does that work if classpath changes between compilations?14:19
<bonniot>good question14:20
the thing is that even before this the classLoader was not updated if the classpath stays the same14:21
so if a class changed on the classpath it would not be taken into account14:22
<arjanb>so it's quite tricky to do it right?14:31
*away for an hour*
<CIA-6>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (4 files in 3 dirs): 17:08
For literal arrays and tuples without a specified type, promote byte and
short to int.
03bonniot * 10Nice/Makefile: Start the testsuite with more memory, as this saves a lot of time (~30%).17:18
<bonniot>nice.tools.util does not depend on anything, right?17:27
it can't be merged with bossa.util yet because bossa.util has a few depencies left17:35
<bonniot>but I was thinking it does not matter if bossa.util depends on it17:36
only 11 minutes for testsuite now :-)17:37
<bonniot>with -Xms64M ?17:38
<bonniot>does / works on a URL on windows, or should one use \ there?17:56
<arjanb>with files / doesn't work mostly18:09
<CIA-6>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/ant/ (Nicec.java NiceDoc.java): Specify the parser argument in the ant tasks.18:11
<bonniot>but in a file: URL ?18:12
<arjanb>that's an url thus / works18:13
<bonniot>ok, good18:14
it's pleasant to work with cross-platform standards18:15
i'm going to rationalize a bit the handling of source/classpathes20:05
at the moment there are four places where we parse such a path!
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03bonniot * 10Nice/ (10 files in 5 dirs): Abstracted the resource location in pathes in the nice.tools.locator package.21:24
<arjanb>F:\Nice>call nicec --exclude-runtime -d classes --sourcepath="src;stdlib" --classpath=classes -r nic21:45
nice.lang: parsing
nice.tools.locator: parsing
nice.tools.locator: typechecking
nice.tools.locator: generating code
nice.tools.locator: linking
nice.lang: parsing
mlsub.compilation: parsing
bossa.modules: parsing
nice.lang: typechecking
nice.lang: generating code
mlsub.compilation: typechecking
mlsub.compilation: generating code
bossa.modules: typechecking
bossa.modules: generating code
bossa.modules: linking
i find this a bit odd
<arjanb>how can nice.tools.locator depend on mlsub.compilation
<bonniot>nicec --exclude-runtime -d classes --sourcepath="src:stdlib" --classpath=classes -r nice.tools.locator21:48
nice.lang: parsing
nice.tools.locator: parsing
nice.tools.locator: typechecking
nice.tools.locator: generating code
nice.tools.locator: linking
it does not
actually the compilation is over (after linking)
then it looks like it starts again
are you sure it's not a script problem?21:49
it looks like the compilation of bosa.modules afterwards
<arjanb>yes and i noticing much disk activity for a few seconds after nice.tools.locator: linking
<bonniot>so it's starting a new jvm, no?21:50
<arjanb>could you send me your console output of make complete?
<arjanb>is the dev version nice.jar up to date?21:56
i now have: Nice compiler version 0.9.8 (build 2004.07.02, 18:42:24 UTC)
the update is automatic, so i don't know21:59
but that looks like before the last commit
<arjanb>is there an debug option giving more info on this?22:09
the only difference i see is that i use the installed nicec and don't use the construct with the .old directories22:14
i have no idea where to look22:21
<bonniot>are you starting this compilation from the command line?22:39
is this calling an older compiler, or a problem after you have built the new one?22:40
<arjanb>yes and it's calling an older compiler
<bonniot>so it cannot be a bug in the new code22:42
you could check if this is really happeneing in the same JVM22:44
<bonniot>by adding an echo just after the call to java in nicec.bat
(or monitoring the processes with task manager or something, I guess)22:45
<arjanb>huh? it's starting another jvm 22:46
java.exe -> javac.exe -> java.exe22:48
any idea why javac.exe is called?22:50
how stupid can i be :-(22:52
nicec.bat does @echo off22:54
<bonniot>do you understand what's happening?22:55
<arjanb>there should be an @echo on at the last line in nicec.bat22:56
<bonniot>why hasn't this been noticed before?22:57
<arjanb>with @echo off you don't see the commands entered at commandline
if have @echo on in my make.bat but one was missing22:58
it's only a problem if you call nicec.bat from another batchfile23:00
*sigh* /me blames sleep shortage23:04
could you add @echo on at the last line of nicec.bat if i do the line ends get messed up23:05
<CIA-6>03bonniot * 10Nice/bin/nicec.bat: 23:08
Set the echo back on at the end, which is useful when nicec is called from
another script.
* pericles joins23:21
hey there
<pericles>where you from?
<bonniot>live in Budapest, although i'm french23:22
<arjanb>pericles: what brings you here?23:30
<pericles>j'suis en train d'essayer de programmer en java dans mon coin, juste pour voir23:31
et ?a me sao?le un peu23:32
j'cherche des gens passionn?s mais j'en trouve seulement en C++
mais j'crois qu'en venant ici je me suis un peu ?gar?.23:34
? plus
* pericles leaves
<arjanb>hmm my french classes where too long ago23:35
<bonniot>didn't know you learnt french ;-)23:36
he said he's trying to program in Java, he's bored with it, and is looking for ppl passionate about Java23:37

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