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<arjanb>good night01:22
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<arjanb>did you find the bug?
<bonniot>yes, just commited11:35
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Set context for 'this' variable.
03bonniot * 10Nice/debian/changelog: Fix format.11:42
03bonniot * 10Nice/debian/ (rules control): Build with ant 1.612:09
<arjanb>*away for exam ...13:00
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<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/web/.htaccess: Released 0.9.813:52
03bonniot * 10Nice/ (13 files in 7 dirs): 16:06
Defined a parser interface, and made the core independent of the implementation
of the parser. This makes bootstrap and future modifications simpler.
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* arjanb finds programming on paper quite tiresome16:55
<bonniot>did it go OK?17:00
could you check the released version on windows?17:07
<arjanb>i'm pretty sure i passed this one
what should i check?17:08
<bonniot>just that it runs basically17:09
i have a new config, and touched the batch file, so you never know...17:10
congrats for your exam!
<arjanb>it works for me17:17
writing syntax classes in Nice should be easier now17:27
<arjanb>hmm looks like i need to change my make.bat17:29
<bonniot>yes probably17:40
you can see the order in which it's built in the Makefile (bootstrap:)
and it can be simplified too...17:48
<arjanb>i will try later my concentration is exhausted atm17:49
<bonniot>i'll be away for the evening, bye...18:05
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/Makefile: Refer to much less specific classes in the bootstrap process.
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