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<CIA-6>03bonniot * 10Nice/stdlib/nice/lang/collections.nice: 11:45
Do not refer to HashMap.Values, which is not a public class, but provide
a default implementation of similarEmptyCollection that is valid for
anonymous and invisible classes.
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any idea what's wrong with the bootstrap
<bonniot>no, but i'm looking
i'd like to reproduce it in a small testcase first15:56
it's always more tricky to deal with a bootstrap problem
actually, i'm almost sure it is related to the change about nullness markers for type variables
<arjanb>do you have the same problem with the bootstrap?15:57
only if the new compiler is used from the begining, though
*sigh* repairing a bike without the right tools is no fun16:22
i could isolate a small testcase ;-)

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