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<bonniot>hello arjan21:32
<arjanb>any news?21:33
i'm not sure what i will do this vacation but i have a few ideas21:36
finding some algorithms to make local type inference smart,21:37
making a new backend for Nice that supports inlining, generators and something macro like21:39
and if i have more time then converting the main compiler packages to Nice21:43
i haven't done any serious programming for too long21:51
<bonniot>sounds good!21:58
i think converting more to Nice is a good idea, because it should be an occasion to do some clean-up and to make the code more modular (using multi-methods)22:00
so it then be easier to work with it
<arjanb>do you know what packages depend on bossa.syntax?22:02
<bonniot>most do, because that one is the central one, defining the syntax22:04
mlsub.typing should not depend on it
<arjanb>and gnu.*?22:06
<bonniot>it shouldn't either, because that's a generic code generator22:07
<arjanb>do you want some specific features implemented before the conversion?22:16
<bonniot>it depends22:18
i think the conversion can be progressive
like now the analyse and typechecking phases are already in Nice22:19
the next step could be generation of gnu.* expressions (compile method)
<arjanb>and the prettyprinting part22:20
<bonniot>once most of the code is moved out of the java classes and into Nice code, it's easier to fully switch to Nice code
features before 1.0 are visibility, getters and setters22:21
<arjanb>it's possible to do nullness and typeparam annotation in comments
in java code?
<bonniot>isn't it simpler to do it when the code is in Nice?22:23
<arjanb>maybe but it can make the transition time shorter22:24
<bonniot>i don't see how
<arjanb>another issue is the coding style22:27
<arjanb>for example i prefer to put fields at the top of a class22:28
<bonniot>in Nice, we could have most methods in different files/packages that the class declarations, so it's not too much of an isue
<bonniot>there is also a rather clear cut between toplevel declarations and expressions22:37
so it might be possible to first switch all the expression part into Nice
it should actually be possible to switch the subclasses of bossa.syntax.Expression to Nice one by one22:53
i have to go now, we can continue on this later22:57
good night
<arjanb>good night
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