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<bonniot>hello arjan14:55
<bonniot>i'm working on improving the support for nullness markers on type variables:
class A<T>
?T x;
<arjanb>so smart handling of duplicate nullness markers14:58
the present situation is not very intuitive15:03
<arjanb>another issue with nullness markers is that you can't use in the raw form15:05
<arjanb>for example 'option or' can't be expressed in a single definition
<bonniot>what about:15:09
<T,U | U <: ?T> U `||`(?T e1, U e2);
<arjanb>hmm why has option or 2 defitions then?15:13
<bonniot>maybe i didn't think about it
<arjanb>i'm wondering whether all cases can be expressed in this way15:15
or would a nullness T = nullness U constraint be useful
<bonniot>another option is to have a syntax for constructing a full type based on a raw type and a type constructor marker15:17
good night22:34
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