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The judges will evaluate the submitted entries in the near future, but12:23
we will not announce the winners of the contest until the ICFP
conference to be held Sept. 19--22 in Snowbird, Utah.
<bonniot>well, at least we could compare with some other submissions
<arjanb> http://blue.student.utwente.nl/?txt/world0score12:27
<bonniot>i see it's sorted12:30
well, we are near the top
what is ringfort7 ?
<arjanb>my last one12:31
i'm surprised it did so well12:32
<bonniot>done after the end?
<bonniot>last one you sent me was 612:33
<arjanb>yes but i was continous trying to improve it but that didn't work so i reverted the changes so 6 is the same as 712:35
funny thing is our perform very similarly
mine just has one more victory12:36
<arjanb>a longer competion: urchin: 1056 redteam: 939 mutant: 928 persistant: 813 fullbl: 76412:43
<bonniot>what does longer mean?12:49
<arjanb>playing on more maps12:52
<bonniot>i'm working on reducing the space taken by backups on the sf account13:36
the limit is 100M, and we were at 600M!
<arjanb>backups of what?13:44
<bonniot>wiki data, because of the security issue13:46
<arjanb>i see13:47
why doesn't sf just solve that security issue?13:48
<bonniot>well, basically, it's that the wiki program needs to modify data on the disk, so how do you guarantee that nobody else will modify it?13:50
anyway, it could happen that a member of the nice group deletes it by accident, so it's a good idea to have backups13:52
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<arjanb>hello frank
<fcb>hello arjan14:27
<bonniot>hi frank!14:38
how are you doing?
yeah, pretty good thanks
finished yesterday the ICFP contest with arjan and bryn
<fcb>what is the ICFP contest?
<bonniot>an international programming contest14:45
<fcb>it doesn't appear that you won :(14:47
did you have a good time anyway?
did you see results somewhere?
anyway, the competition is always very strong
so winning is very hard. but i hope we can get a decent rank14:49
not a full listing
<bonniot>that must be a different year's
<arjanb>that's a previous contest
<fcb>oh :(14:50
can I start asking questions?14:52
<fcb>ok, tuples: class Node {14:56
(?String,String) value;
?Node left = null;
?Node right = null;
lets say I have a Node n, and I want to set the second String in value14:57
can I do something like n.value[1] = "new string";14:58
(?String a, String b) = n.value;14:59
n.value = (a, newvalue);
<fcb>so basically I need to create a new tuple15:00
<arjanb>yes tuples are immutable
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<bonniot>good night22:57
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