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hello arjan17:13
I'm having an issue with recursion17:14
because I have to have some sleep I'm going to leave my question and hope you had a chance to answer it in the morning :)17:16
void treeprint(?Node node) {
if(node != null) {
the above compiles ok17:20
void treeprint(?Node node) {17:21
//if(node != null) {
this does not compile - but the error message caused me a bit of trouble:17:22
line 10, column 24:
Arguments (?nicetest.Node) do not fit:
?nicetest.Node nicetest.Node.left
I kept trying to work out what was wrong with my arguments, but is this really the issue?17:23
thanks, arjan
<arjanb>yes you can't access fields on something that maybe null21:00
the error message is quite bad because fieldaccesses are methods internally21:01

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