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<CIA-6>03bonniot * 10tester/ (.cvsignore run): Store test metrics10:50
03bonniot * 10tester/ (Regression.test Testsuite.test Project): Separated testing from building10:51
03bonniot * 10tester/ (bench config-bench .cvsignore): Historical benchmarking10:55
03bonniot * 10tester/run: Quite update10:58
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you know....
cuz your logs are up on the net...
i'm google searchable now...
<arjanb>is that a problem?18:49
<LinuxIsCool>not really...
just means i'm not anonymous anymore
<arjanb>well it depends on how anonymous your nick name is18:55
not that many people have my name...
<arjanb>what brings you here?
silly questions...
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