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hello arjan14:37
<fcb>aah, hello15:14
I'm having a rather basic problem with constructors in Nice15:15
basically, how can I do one
<fcb>ok here is an example15:19
in java I would go
public class Test {
public Test(args...) {
but in Nice:15:20
class Test {
Test(args...) {
and I get an error
<arjanb>you know the constructors Nice generates by default?
<fcb>yes, I do. But what if I want to do some initialisation?15:21
<arjanb>it depends on whether you 'this' in the initialisation15:22
<fcb>can I have both senarios?
<arjanb>see examples 3.2 and 3.3 in the manual15:24
<arjanb>not sure if these example are clear enough15:25
<fcb>don't know how I managed to miss that :(15:26
<arjanb>it's likely that it wasn't in the manual yet some time ago15:27
<fcb>nah, probably my fault. thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt though15:29
I have another question about Maps, arjan15:50
<fcb>nice lets me use the Map type without importing anything. but I can also specify java.util.Map if I so desire. is this one and the same?15:52
<arjanb>in Nice java.lang and java.util are imported automaticly but it's the same15:53
one must also specify what type of map is as well? as in Map<Object,int>
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<bonniot>is cvs on sf down for you too?19:02
<bonniot>do you have eclipse installed, for the asbtract method error?19:08
how are you doing, Frank?19:12
* bonniot is away: ...19:27
<arjanb>daniel: no19:56
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