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<arjanb>what are you working?15:02
<bonniot>looking at the last bug report for type inference15:05
could you test nicedoc?15:09
<arjanb>i have some problems getting it run15:13
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<bonniot>hello Frank!15:36
<bonniot>do you still have problems with doc comments?15:37
<fcb>yes, I do
<bonniot>in what case?
<fcb>actually, I haven't tried again this week15:38
I'm just doing a cvs update now
<bonniot>i don't think this was modified recently
so which comments are lost?15:40
<fcb>ok, what's happening is that the docString() method doesn't always return something, even if there is comment in the source code
<bonniot>do you have an example?15:41
<fcb>in fact, I'm actually having a more serious problem right now
since my update, make complete isn't working
TypeMaper.java:46: cannot resolve symbol15:42
symbol : method get (java.lang.String)
location: class nice.tools.ast.SymbolTable
TypeSymbol res = (TypeSymbol) inner.get(name);
<bonniot>you might not a more recent bootstrap compiler
that's it
wget http://nice.sf.net/nice.jar
(that's because dispatch methods are now compiled inside classes for easier interfacing with java)15:43
<fcb>I installed the version 0.9.7-1 rpm15:44
<bonniot>i think you need the newer nice.jar15:45
<fcb>which is unrelated the version of Nice I installed?15:46
<bonniot>it has been done after 0.9.715:47
<fcb>that's what I meant :)15:48
a make complete takes a long time on my computer - I'm just trying again15:50
<bonniot>in the mean time, what is your example?15:51
<fcb> * Default implementation - does nothing15:53
* @param d a definition to document
* @param packageName the name of the package this definition is in.
void write(Definition d, String packageName) {
this does not have an associated docString15:54
<bonniot>it starts with /** ?
do some method definitions work?15:55
<fcb>I don't think I've had any methods work (from memory)15:56
some global variables work though
<arjanb>does it make a difference if that method is outside a class?
<fcb>good point16:02
I don't think it does though
<bonniot>probably a good starting point would be to make sure arjan can run nicedoc16:05
i'm in the middle of something myself...16:06
can you run it arjan?
<arjanb>no windows has problems with filenames containing special tokens16:08
<fcb>thanks for that - I do all my testing in linux but I really should set myself up on windows as well16:09
which special tokens
<arjanb>i guess the come from the operators defined in nice.lang *,+ , ... 16:10
<fcb>ok, I will add in some renaming for them
<arjanb>you could skip them for now i think a html file for each function is bit superfluous16:12
<fcb>hmmm - just have one html file per package?16:15
<arjanb>plus one for every class or interface16:21
<fcb>ok, well I'll work on getting it ok for you in windows16:37
I have to go now, but hopefully we can talk again shortlyl
<bonniot>see you soon then16:39
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<bonniot>btw, arjan, did you look at the bug in your optimization in the typechecker?17:58
<arjanb>not yet18:00
<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/mlsub/typing/lowlevel/BitVector.java: Reapplied a part of the optimizations of cvs version 1.519:10
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