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<arjanb>i have the feeling that i'm wasting my time when changing bigger things maybe i should get back to doing bug fixes and other smaller things00:06
<Bluelive>maybe not code for a while, work a bit at presentation or documentation00:11
<arjanb>coding isn't the problem but the time i need to get something working00:14
<Bluelive>maybe chop up a big one ito a bunch of smaller bits00:19
hmz btw
if i have a parametric type T in a collection class
if i do x instanceof T in that class
does it match on the current instanced T of the collection class ?00:20
<arjanb>instanceof T isn't possible in nice and i don't see what the problem is00:23
do you have an example?00:24
<Bluelive>class Set<T> { void add(Object x) if (x instanceof T) realadd((T)x); }00:25
<bonniot>arjanb: what are you working on?00:27
<arjanb>nothing atm00:28
Bluelive: that looks type safe to me00:29
<Bluelive>well instanceof works on a statictype00:30
in pluk that would degenerate into Object
which is valid for inside the collection implementation, but if the value leaves the collection again its corrupted
<arjanb>can't you get the type from that parametric class instance and test x with it?00:34
daniel: well the last few things i have tried weren't succesful and now i have a half finished generic array thing getting dusty00:49
<bonniot>what's blocking you with that one?00:58
<Bluelive>yeah thats what need to be done 01:00
smaal patch i guess
<arjanb>the rest of the compiler doesn't work as i expected01:01
<bonniot>if you have questions about it, i could help01:10
<arjanb>maybe i try again tomorrow, good night01:14
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<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/NewArrayExp.java: Make it compile.14:26
03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/ClassDefinition.java: Give an user error when trying to extend a primitive. fixes #91077815:15
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the automatic test doesn't run anymore
i'm still having some hardware problems, so I keep coming and going ;-((
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/NewArrayExp.java: Remove obsolete commented code left by accident.
<arjanb>i see15:55
<bonniot>one test is running atm15:57
i think it's the page update that does not run15:58
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<arjanb>daniel do you know smaller things to do?19:47
<bonniot>arjanb: what about the doc comments?20:39
<arjanb>in the tests i did doc comments worked20:41
<bonniot>did you test with nicedoc?21:29
<arjanb>no directly21:31
<bonniot>maybe there is a problem when using nicedoc21:35
<arjanb>but nicedoc worked in some cases21:36
<bonniot>it would surely help to test it21:40
<arjanb>without enough info to reproduce the problem i can't do much21:45
<Bluelive>@ character in a url is 'problematic'21:51
<arjanb>Bl: why?21:54
<Bluelive>because @ is often used in authetication21:55
<arjanb>then sualtam needs a little change21:56
<bonniot>arjanb: you could just try to check that nicedoc generates all the expected doc comments22:50
Exception in thread "main" java.io.FileNotFoundException: F:\Nice\.\nice\lang\*1890982502.html (The23:15
filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)
<bonniot>nicedoc generates file names with '*' ?23:35
<arjanb>it seems to try that23:44
<bonniot>so it's invalid on windows?23:48
then it should be changed...
file names should contain only letters numbers and '_' to be sure to run everywhere23:50
<Bluelive>* is invalid nearly everywhere00:00
<bonniot>everywhere == windows? ;-)00:24
<Bluelive>well you can use it in linux00:30
but try to access it and you find all the anoying escaping rules for it00:31
<bonniot>that's at the shell level. but it's true that it's usually a good idea to avoid such chars00:42
good night...00:43
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