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Bluelive: het forum van heron lijkt verwijderd17:20
Sunday April 4, 2004 - Heron leaves SourceForge.net17:22
I have abandoned SourceForge.net since they have decided to give better service to paid members and refuse to provide even the most basic of services to us.
what services have been removed then ?
<arjanb>geen idee
ik ben pluk ook op sourceforge aan het zetten ;)
<arjanb>het is wel zo dat sf een beetje te groot is geworden17:25
<Bluelive>te veel projecten voor de bandbreedt ?
ik vindt dat heron niet echt overtuigend..17:26
<arjanb>er valt regelmatig wat uit, je moet lang wachten op support request enzo17:27
<Bluelive>heeon smaakt naar c++ met c, met turbo pascal structuren en parametrics
<arjanb>tja het is duidelijk welke talen het maker kent17:32
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does anyone of you know about daniel?
<Bluelive>he is here most of the time, yes18:11
<gamsl>hmm .. i know that :-) i just thought maybe you know why he wasn't here the last week (i'm the guy who wrote niceswing)18:12
<Bluelive>hmz, yeah havent seen him a few days18:13
<arjanb>daniel is away till after easter18:16
<gamsl>ah ok :-)
<arjanb>gamsl: are you up to date again with Nice?18:21
<gamsl>hmm ... i definitely lack coding experience ... but i was reading all commit logs and irc logs all the time so I think I'm quite informed what's possible and what's not ..18:22
<arjanb>ok :-)18:23
<gamsl>but it will take time till I can code nice the way it wants to be coded I think .... :-)18:26
hmm .. one question just came to my mind: is it possible to override java methods with more specific return types? or is this just possible for methods written in nice?18:27
<arjanb>i don't know, you could try it18:48
yes it's possible if the usage is only from nice code19:21
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<Bluelive>arjan if you have a few minutes and like to try something, maybe you like to try Pluk once ?19:58
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