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<arjanb>any questions?02:35
<khc>No, I am just reading up the manua;
It seems nice.
" When instantiating a Nice class with a Java parent, the automatic constructor comes in several versions, one for each constructor of the parent class. The call must then provide the values for one of the constructors of the parent, followed by the named values for the fields defined in the Nice class." - can you give an example?02:39
<arjanb>i don't know a short example for this02:46
are you first reading the complete manual?
<khc>I read the quick start02:47
<arjanb>i think the interfacing with java part is not important to start with02:52
mostly it just works as expected
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<khc>Any idea why nicec complains that nice.ui.common is not found?23:23
<arjanb>are you trying to use nice swing lib?23:24
<khc>I know why, the jar file only has the manifest file23:25
Someone needs to fix http://nice.sourceforge.net/maven/nice/jars/nice-swing-SNAPSHOT.jar
Yes I am trying to use niceswing
jar -tf lib/nice-swing-SNAPSHOT.jar23:26
<arjanb>if the snapshot is broken then you could try to compile from cvs
<khc>ugh, will do23:27
<arjanb>cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nice co swing23:28
<khc>ya, it's on that NIceSwingFile page
I was surprised to find nice-mode coming with nice :-)23:29
/tmp/swing/build.xml:11: taskdef class nice.tools.ant.Nicec cannot be found
Fixed, I need to manually pass in nice.jar to ant -lib23:33
<arjanb>right see also http://nice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Doc/NicecAntTaskdef
<khc>Right, but I thought the debian package would have taken care that for me.23:35
The ant task deploy-swing fails with "Package nice.ui.swing is not available."23:37
src/nice/ui/swing/ is empty from cvs?23:40
<arjanb>hmm then that ant task is never used before
<khc>deploy-common succeed23:41
Let me see if that jar file is enough
<arjanb>nice/ui/swing was merged with awt long ago into nice/ui/common
Well I was just looking into build.xml to find what targets are available.
<arjanb>but they should be split up again because it's a bit large23:43
<khc>heh, it took 7 secs to compile a dummy class file importing nice.ui.common
<arjanb>yes the compiler isn't efficient with imports23:49
What does this@HelloPanel,g mean?
<arjanb>that's outdated syntax 'name@type' == 'type name'00:01
The documentation is a bit sparse.00:02
<arjanb>of nice or niceswing?00:03
<khc>Both I guess.00:04
Also, the package statement seems to be optional?
<arjanb>oh i didn't know that so it just like in java: optional but you can better have one00:07
<khc>I mean, nice automagically figure out which package it's in base on the directory the source file is in.00:08
<arjanb>i actually never tried to leave the package statement away00:10
<khc>I tend to forget about it, but the way nice handles it is nice.00:11
<arjanb>it might work correctly but in java it possible to have multiple packages in one dir00:12
maybe we should make them non optional in Nice so that can't forget it00:15
<arjanb>could you collect suggestions/problems you encounter as beginning user?00:29
<arjanb>good :-)00:32
it's quite hard to get feedback from people who just started because most things become 'obvious' after some time00:35
<khc>ya, and it's hard for me to get started because you guys don't document all the "obvious" stuff :-)
How do you assign null to something? Like JMenuBar menubar = null is giving me an error00:37
About type mismatch, because null is of type any
<khc>But I am not declaring menubar with a ?00:43
ahh, I mixed up the two.00:44
<arjanb>without an ? it may not have a null value
<khc>I see it now.
Now when I do setJMenuBar(menubar); in a initializer in a class that extends JFrame, it says method not found00:46
<arjanb>hmm that part shouldn't at the end of the manual because it's one of main feature of Nice
could you show the code?00:47
You mean the whole file?00:49
<arjanb>just with a few lines before that
<khc>Oh I see, I need to say this.setMenuBar explicitly.00:50
<arjanb>right you can't leave 'this' away from calling methods inside a class00:51
<khc>Why is:00:52
Arguments: (java.awt.Container, ?javax.swing.JToolBar, java.lang.String)
not matching:
nice.lang.void add(java.awt.Container, Component, Object)
Oh, the notNull thing?00:53
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<khc>new NEWindow() causes an error, but NEWindow win = new NEWindow() does not01:03
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<arjanb>what error?
<khc>Paste here?01:05
<khc>Encountered ";".
Was expecting one of:
"(" ...
"[" ...
"." ...
"=" ...
<assignmentOperator> ...
"++" ...
"--" ...
<arjanb>i see
a parsing error01:07
<arjanb>so i need some of the code to see what's wrong
<khc>Anyways, I need to head to work, will play with nice more when I have time.
Change the last statement to new NEWindow() causes the error.
<arjanb>new NEWindow() is not a statement01:09
<khc>It's valid in Java01:10
why are you calling a constructor without doing anything with the new object?01:12
<khc>Because I am just creating a top level window in main01:13
I suppose for real life stuff I would want to capture that instance, but sometimes for simple tests you don't need to.
Anyways, gonna run.01:14
<arjanb>i see maybe it a bit too restrictive now01:15
i remember it now new Something() as statement is not possible because of some parsing difficulties which i have solve sometime01:49
time to sleep
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