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<bonniot>hello arjan11:00
forgot away message yesterday
<bonniot>about arrays?11:05
<arjanb>i have seen these verify errors too but i don't know what causes them11:06
<bonniot>did you see in the bytecode what is wrong?11:08
<bonniot>from the message, it seemed like something is used like an array when it has not a static type which is an array11:13
so maybe a cast is missing (or fetching the field)
could you print the relevant bytecode?
<arjanb>my bootstrapping works differently so i get errors because the stdlib isn't compiled yet with the new arrays11:15
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<bonniot>were there verification errors in the testcases?
<arjanb>a few11:23
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<bonniot>so probably you should solve these first11:27
you can look at the bytecode from one of those cases
<arjanb>hmm not all failing testcase are put in the fail-folder11:29
<bonniot>maybe not those that are skipped11:36
<arjanb>it looks like none of the runtime failing ones are put in the fail-folder11:37
new T[] isn't compiled right11:44
<bonniot>that should be changed, then11:46
<arjanb>it looks like new T[] has type SpecialArray(ClassType java.lang.Object)11:50
while i think it should be a specialarray of an unknown type11:51
wasn't it like that before?
<arjanb>i don't know11:53
wasn't it changed because of some bug?12:06
<bonniot>the distinction was added to handle Object[]12:10
<arjanb>can't that be reversed now?12:15
the thing is that if the user writes Object[], then we want to compile it as Object[] in bytecode12:18
<arjanb>i see12:21
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<CIA-4>03fbarber * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/htmlwriter.nice: No longer writes empty headings. For example, if no global vars exist then the global vars heading is not written.16:27
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hello frank17:14
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i have strange problems when looking at the irc log .. my mozilla always crashes when i scroll to the comments of the CIA :-)18:16
<arjanb>no problems with firefox or ie here
<gamsl>i suppose it's some fontpath problem ...18:17
sometimes mozilla renders the cia comments right .. sometimes he will produce some small gif images in place for some characters ...18:18
<Bluelive>maybe it tries to read the color codes as unicode ?19:02
<arjanb>it seems daniel forgot to reconnect after freenode glitched19:03
<gamsl>hmm i don't know .. i just was thinking of fontpath pbs because my xserver spits a lot of fontpath issues ...
arjanb: can you tell me which parts in the compiler expose it's api?19:08
<arjanb>i don't know exactly you could look at nicedoc19:20
<gamsl>i'm browsing i'll find it ...19:33
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