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<fcb>I have a rather basic question15:22
I do a make complete, then a make nicedoc
where is my compiled nicedoc? I want to run that rather than the version installed with the rpm15:23
<arjanb>i think in usr\share\java15:25
<arjanb>make complete does include make nicedoc15:28
<fcb>oh, right :)15:33
turned out to be Nice/bin/15:53
<arjanb>hmm then that has changed some time ago (i don't use the makefile)15:58
<fcb>ok - what do you use?15:59
<arjanb>just a batchfile a made about a year ago16:00
<fcb>fair enough
are you a windows man? (I notice batch file and windows slashes)16:01
<fcb>the beauty of platform independence16:03
<arjanb>yes except for a few details like case insensetive filesystem16:06
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