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<bonniot>i'm looking at putting the dispatch method inside classes when possible, to make integration with Java tools easier15:44
<arjanb>you found some tool working problematic with Nice compiled code?15:54
<bonniot>it's about those that expect to find methods inside classes, like junit15:56
<arjanb>i see15:57
<bonniot>it would also make using Nice libraries from Java much more natural
which means we can simplify that part of the manual a lot :-)15:58
and how are you two doing?16:35
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how are you doing ?
<bonniot>fine ;-)21:40
<Bluelive>too much ideas too few fingers to implmenent them21:49
i need a fortune and a few more heads
currently working on buffered io, noticed how slow it was without it
you could literally see the characters apear21:50
how did you set up the automated testing ?21:55
psoitive/negative match seeking, matching of output ?21:56
<bonniot>for failure, we check that the line/column of the error are what is expected22:47
yes, there's a lot of things to do. that's why it's good to work in teams...22:48
<Bluelive>how is the public cvs working for you ?22:50
<Bluelive>no phantom commits that break stuff ?22:53
<bonniot>what is a phantom commit?
<Bluelive>cvs commits by unknown people22:55
<bonniot>it's authentified
unknow people can chechout, not commit
<arjanb>good night23:34
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