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not sure why but i cant seem to make intitializers with more then one parameter in alpha atm :)15:03
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ah :)
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<fcb>I have a quick question: does nice support bitwise operations?
<Bluelive>im not really a nice expert, i think it should be the same as in java15:16
<magnus-->Yes, should be same as java
<magnus-->tho i'm not an expert either:)
Msg test15:22
test successful
<peeshy>hmm, I'm new on IRC15:24
<fcb>for those interested, nice does support bitwise operation but it is a bit more fussy than Java15:27
nice requires an explicit cast to & an int and a char, for example15:28
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fcb: have you an example of where you want to do bitwise operators on chars?15:42
int ci = 0xffff & (int)c;15:43
but nice doesn't seem to like that for some reason
<arjanb>char isn't a subtype of int in nice
<Bluelive>hmz, thats not a bad idea for alpha :)
btw isnt 0xffff outside of the range of an int ?15:44
its signed and all
ow nevermind, its only 16bit
<arjanb>what's the use of 0xffff & (int)c ?15:45
<fcb>so what if I want to do the aforementioned operation? is there a workaround to get a char to an int?15:46
<arjanb>int(c) char(i)
<fcb>oooh, ok
I'm just trying to work out something do with whether a char is unicode or not15:47
<CIA-1>03fbarber * 10Nice/src/nice/tools/doc/ (api.nice htmlwriter.nice main.nice): 15:58
api.nice has suffered only some spelling corrections in the comments.
main.nice has had very minor changes to comments and printlns to the user.
htmlwriter.nice has a much more comprehensive function to convert a string for html veiwing. Some comments have also been updated.
<fcb>was that some kind of automatic notification?16:00
<arjanb>yes CIA is a bot watching cvs commits
<fcb>ha, cool16:01
ok goobye all
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<arjanb>i think it's shouldn't be possible for overrides to have pre\postconditions21:57
contracts and short method body don't look good together:22:04
void foo(A a) requires 1 != 0 = null;22:05
<Bluelive>optional {}'s with methods look ugly btw22:13
<arjanb>you don't like the short form?22:15
<Bluelive>well alpha currently supports the short form and its pretty hard to read22:19
<arjanb>hmm you the first who says that22:20
<Bluelive>i guess my eyes more easily recognize the more spatious/verbose java syntax
stacktraces are nearly working :)

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