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<Bluelive_>one thing for possible null fields, if the object cant be initialized in whole at construction time01:06
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<Bluelive_>maybe we should donate some bandwidth to ltu, they seem awfully slow and unavailable lately01:45
urgh, alpha is begging for typeiference, atleast for the nullness thing02:02
good way to find 'features' seems that the ()'s by an ifstatement were optional... which causesd parse problems when an expression tried to follow an if02:20
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<Bluelive_>[ab]using continuations for returning to some dispatcher and returning to the code in case of blocking io getting in the way, now that sounds like fun :)14:41
<magnus-->abstract interface Value {17:03
Value eval();
wrong paste :/
abstract interface Show {17:04
String show();
class IntegerLiteral {
int value;
class IntegerLiteral implements Show;
This last line gives error
<Bluelive_>whats the error17:17
<magnus-->E:\Code\nice\.\compiler\compiler.nice: line 4, column 37:17:18
Encountered ";".
Was expecting one of:
"{" ...
"," ...
"=" ...
"<" ...
"finally" ...
"." ...
<magnus-->ignore the line number, it's the last line in the example i pasted
<Bluelive_>you were trying to do a mixin ?
<magnus-->I don't know fully what a mixin is17:19
I want to add the interface Show to IntegerLiteral after it's definition17:21
<Bluelive_>im not sure if its possible to add an abstract method to a concrete class
<magnus-->and then provide code for how to implement show on IntegerLiteral
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anybody online?
<bonniot>hello Bluelive18:53
was it you who is a member of orkut?
want an invite ?18:56
<bonniot>yes, i'm curious how it's in there ;-)18:58
<Bluelive>what email address do you wnat to use ?
alot more silent18:59
the hypes over
isn't it a decentralized system? so it might be silent for some and noisy for others?19:00
<Bluelive>you should be getting an mail19:01
<Bluelive>an mail: a mail/ an email19:03
<Bluelive>and now to make my rot13 echo server capable of handling multiple connections while staying single threaded19:47
i guess one way is to not make the handler read from the stream, but receive events/data from the dispatcher19:49
<bonniot>or use a select type method, no?19:56
<Bluelive>that also19:58
now i need an implementation of set
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<rubber>I've got a problem with the following code:20:50
package testa;
import java.util.*;
public class Arraz
public ArrayList getA()
return new ArrayList();
package testb;
import testa.*;
import java.util.*;
void main(String[] args) {
Arraz a = new Arraz();
ArrayList<Object> al = getA(a);
Can you compile it?
Me it gives:
getA is not declared
Nice compiler version 0.9.7 (build 2004.03.13, 19:06:31 UTC)
I'm also tracking down a deadlock of the latest compiler with my code...20:53
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hello all21:11
<rubber>helloo.... ok, I have to leave... cu you tomorrow maybe...21:12
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<arjanb>magnus: you need to use the fully qualified classname for abstract interface implementations21:15
rubber: that method is probably ignored because nicec doesn't know the exact type (it can't guess the type params)21:20
<magnus-->arjanb: fully qualified, that means the whole "path" to the class definition?21:30
like java.lang.String
<magnus-->okay, thank you:)
<Bluelive>why doesnt the compiler use context for the type of the interface ?21:34
<arjanb>it could but it's better to make abstract interface implementation more explicit21:37
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<bonniot>bart, is the username something public or just internal?23:05
<Bluelive>what do you mean ?23:17
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<bonniot>whether the choice of one's username matters or not23:28
no its only for the login
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