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<Bluelive>hi arjan23:22
als je zin hebt
java 1.4 en een compiler nodig23:35
liefst ook een make
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how are you two doing?
ow i just made a very early jar/build to show some people23:40
<bonniot>it's based on Java?
<bonniot>i thought you didn't want that
but it generates C ?23:42
well its java'ish, just like its c#'ish or c++'ish23:43
<bonniot>i meant the implementation (because you distrbute a jar)
<Bluelive>yeah the compiler is written in java ;)
<bonniot>nah, you should refactor it in Nice ;-)23:44
<Bluelive>thinking about self hosting soon, but thats a hell of a job
<Bluelive>wont attempt it without some external support
<bonniot>what kind of support?23:46
<Bluelive>some feedback atleast23:47
still loads to do
stacktrace, check exceptions, recursivly type checked parametric types23:48
<arjanb>self hosting isn't a benefit when the language hasn't stablized
<Bluelive>its also a chance to cleanly reimplement a few problems23:50
i think the compiler is pretty much there except for a few cases it cant process23:55
error reporting isnt pretty also :)
still have to find out how i can plug antlrs error reporting into my own23:57
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<Bluelive>heb je het aan de praat kunnen krijgen ?00:42
<arjanb>nog niet geprobeerd01:12
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