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<Bluelive>so, now at least not every boolean operation results in a malloc ;)12:51
<Bluelive>i did add some horrible slowdowns for convenience13:01
its the job of the called to cast its input into the right type, and the caller to cast the return into the right type
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03bonniot * 10Nice/ (6 files in 3 dirs): 15:08
Compile global variables lazily, so that all direct dependencies are handled
correctly (not just one level of dependency).
<bonniot>i'm following default method implementation when compiling global vars values. that should allow to close the oldest open bug report :-)16:47
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (4 files in 3 dirs): 17:25
Global constants and global variables are now initialized in a proper order
when one depends on another, both directly and through the default
implementation of a method.
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im going for typeinferencing in alpha22:24
did you solve the looping problem ?
<arjanb>not yet22:25
<Bluelive>how do ohter languages solve that ?22:26
<arjanb>looping is only a problem if you have assignments22:27
<Bluelive>well that s pretty much every for/each22:28
and a while loop without is pretty useless
currenty you treat loops like an if ?22:34
i don't know any language with type inference that takes the non first assignment in account22:35
<Bluelive>any tips on implementing ?22:39
<arjanb>don't start with type inference for all cases but make it possible to leave types away in simple cases22:43
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