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<bonniot>good night01:17
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<CIA-4>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Report an error if a method pretends to be an override but is not.10:40
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<bonniot>i'll have to go and get my public key signed, so i can apply as a Debian developer ;-)11:55
<arjanb>some conference nearby?12:08
<bonniot>nope. just met a student at the local uni13:03
got an answer from frank. he has been busy, but plans to get back to nicedoc in a couple of days13:06
<CIA-4>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/NiceMethod.java: Print a warning when a method does an implicit override.13:38
<bonniot>arjan, could you try and see how things are working with JDK 1.5? java.sun.com seems to be back :-)14:35
<CIA-4>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/parser/Parser.jj: Allow 'override' in front of method implementations inside classes.15:14
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<arjanb>installation of java 1.5 beta doesn't work15:49
have you read the instructions?
<arjanb>the online installer says the beta period has ended and download the final version15:52
and the other installer says that it can't find some file15:53
<bonniot>are you running it with admin rights?
<bonniot>what's the error message? did you google it?15:54
<arjanb>don't know the exact error message15:57
<CIA-4>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/bossa/parser/Parser.jj: Remove unsupported syntax from the lookahead for method bodies.16:01
<arjanb>i don't see a solution16:04
i will wait till the next beta hopefully with a less buggy installshield16:05
<bonniot>you should google the precise error message
<arjanb>i don't like messing with my system just because of known buggy software16:15
<bonniot>do you know which software is buggy? from the troubleshouting page, it seems some of the bugs are actually in some versions of windows16:33
ok, we'll see what brian says. he has 1.5 installed for sure :-)16:42
<CIA-4>03bonniot * 10Nice/NEWS: Method overrides.16:43
<bonniot>back to enums, i guess it would be possible to allow them to extend a class, and to compile those that do not in a manner compatible with jdk1.5. 17:02
<arjanb>yes only to be compatible with jdk1.5 it's probably needed to generate the new version of classfiles17:18
<bonniot>what has changed?18:14
<arjanb>a new bytecode flag for enums18:39
<bonniot>ok, so that's not very hard to add. the new flag should actually be ignored by earlier jvms, so it does not hurt to add it in any case, i would think18:43
what proportion of constructors in java source would you say are trivial, i.e. only set fields like our default constructors do?20:08
<arjanb>something between a third and a half21:25
it depends mainly on programming style21:26
<bonniot>i slightly modified a Java grammar to count them:21:33
eclipse: 55% of trivial constructors!
tomcat: 64%21:34
gnu classpath: 72%
<arjanb>i think that number is so big because java hasn't optional arguments21:41
<bonniot>yes, that makes things worse21:46
<arjanb>there are a few common non trivial constructors:21:47
checking the arguments could be done with class invariant in nice? 21:48
converting the arguments or copy-constructor no idea how nice could help here21:49
for converting you would use a custom constructor
what do you mean by copy-ctor?
oh i know
<arjanb>calling some initializing methods in nice they can be in initiliazers21:50
i think the numbers should be even higher, because some cases must be a trivial ctor + initialization

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