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<arjanb>good night02:16
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some retypings break when using java 1.512:19
<bonniot>yes, i saw the report12:21
are these retypings needed?
but it's a bit strange the api docs for 1.5 don't mention AbstractStringBuilder12:22
<bonniot>it's still beta...12:24
why is it needed? seem to be to have the default policy
<arjanb>not all appends methods12:25
<bonniot>which one?12:26
<arjanb>some accept null arguments and some don't12:27
a possible solution is to disable the return type check of the java part of retypings12:28
<bonniot>yes, it's possible. if we don't check, then the type should not be written at all?12:31
which append does not accept null?
<arjanb>the one with the char array12:32
<bonniot>the 1.3 spec does not say12:33
ok, if you dif in String.valueOf it's there
but so some of them are useless12:34
how does that look to you ?
inlines are weird. doesn't that mean you are pretty stuck to not changing implementation details, because code could rely on it?12:38
<Bluelive>what do you mean ?12:42
<bonniot>well, for instance12:43
this means you will need to implement your objects with a handle forever
the implementation is revealed12:44
<Bluelive>it does make a few assumptions about generated coe
but i dont think that should be a large problem12:45
<bonniot>until you have some large programs, and you realize there is a better way to implement something...12:46
<Bluelive>well about the handle, that handle is only exposed to this class12:47
<bonniot>it's fine if it's reserved for core libraries, or discouraged for user code, though
<Bluelive>it wouldnt make much sense to use inlines in user code, unless its about calling some library or some really horrible speed hacks12:48
alpha.base.Character? c;12:49
while (*cp)
(*c)=NEW_alpha_base_Character__uint((unsigned int)(*cp));
now there is a fun piece of code12:50
<bonniot>fun is the word!
arjanb: is java.lang in majority (?) or (!) ?12:53
<arjanb>i would need to count to know12:54
<bonniot>hopefully there is a clear majority12:55
<arjanb>but what to do with the stringbuffer problem?12:56
<bonniot>i'd agree with not requiring the return type anymore12:57
it should probably still be possible, because methods can be overloaded on their return type
so the return type could be made optional12:58
<arjanb>java methods can't?
<bonniot>java method can't, but bytecode methods can
<arjanb>i'm not sure because then you can't override them in bytecode12:59
<bonniot>it would still help to choose a policy for java.lang. with fewer retypings, it's simpler to care about the rest (and there is the speed up, of course :-)13:00
what are you not sure of?
<arjanb>overloading on return type in bytecode13:01
<bonniot>yes, it's the spec
look at the bytecode, method calls specify the return type13:02
you say: call foo(int)->int
so can also call foo(int)->boolean
why couldn't you override them?13:03
<arjanb>i can't find any restriction so i probably confused something13:08
<bonniot>this is not a common situation, still, so it's good to allow not to specify the return type13:12
and it will solve this case
<bonniot>can you implement it?13:34
<arjanb>already started
<bonniot>me too!13:35
no, just joking ;-)
i'm on the specialization stuff
so that was why i thought there is a restriction13:44
<bonniot>i wrote that method :-)13:45
getDeclaredMethod does not use the return type information13:47
i don't think it's a pb atm
<CIA-2>03arjanb * 10Nice/src/bossa/syntax/RetypedJavaMethod.java: Removed return type check of retypings because of bug #904832.13:57
<bonniot>hum, is that a temporary fix?14:01
<bonniot>whas it needed to commit it then? so that brian can use jdk 1.5 in the next hour? :-)14:03
<arjanb>i first want to see what other problems java 1.5 turns up14:07
<arjanb>and i remember some things i have to do today
Bluelive: exams and courses registration deadline is today14:11
*away for a few hours*
<bonniot>ok, thx for the workaround
<Bluelive>exams i subscribed for last week16:42
but how do i subscribe to courses ? :)
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<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/src/ (6 files in 3 dirs): 23:17
Changed mlsub.typing.Domain so that it contains an array of monotypes instead
of a single monotype (which was normally a tuple type). This is more consistent
with function types having an array of parameters, more efficient, and it
allows for simpler handling of the components of the domain.

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