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<bonniot>hello arjan13:19
i put up the release on SF
<bonniot>could you test the windows version?
(especially with the new system for EOL)13:20
can you test on win98 too (where it matters apparently)
<arjanb>i have no win98 and win2k doesn't care about that
<arjanb>btw niceunit.bat is missing in the zip
<bonniot>just try nicec and niceunit
<arjanb>niceclasspath.bat is missing too13:26
good that you tested :-)13:30
ok, done13:32
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/distrib/Makefile: Put niceunit.bat and niceclasspath.bat in the windows zip file.13:34
<bonniot>is it working now?13:56
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<arjanb>i knew something was missing in the changelog15:13
it's the super call with types
<bonniot>can you add it in CVS?15:16
(you should really write in NEWS at the time the feature is implemented, unless there is a reason not to)15:17
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/Makefile: Add niceunit to the bin dir on unices.15:26
03arjanb * 10Nice/NEWS: Missing changelog entry for typed super call.15:28
<CIA-2>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (src/nice/tools/unit/console/main.nice Makefile): Generate the manpage for niceunit.15:52
<magnus-->Why do interfaces need implementations of their functions?17:03
hm, nevermind17:04
<bonniot>hello magnus
didn't know you were there!
they don't :-)
what was the pb?17:12
arjanb: i updated the release with the new NEWS and manpages for niceunit on unices17:13
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<magnus-->is there a way to get the type of a variable as a string (for debugging purposes)20:33
<bonniot>x.getClass() ?20:39
Iorek: welcome!20:40
I have one question more now:20:43
String show(Type t) = "(Type " + t.getClass() + ")";
String show(IntType t) = "(IntType)";
how come show will give the result:
<bonniot>that's a FAQ :-)
<magnus-->(Type class compiler.IntType)20:44
<bonniot>this was discussed a short while ago on nice-info
the reason is that you are doing overloading
is Type your root class?
you should write:
show(IntType t) = "(IntType)";20:45
to override (specialize) the existing method show
the absence of the return type marks that you are specializing an existing method, not defining a new one
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<bonniot>i know the current behaviour is disconcerting, especially if you are used by C++ or Java to specify the return type all the time20:47
there are plans to modify this to make it more intuitive
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<magnus->I have joined the nice-info list today
I'll look in the archives
<bonniot>yes, please. the thread is called "inheritance bug?"20:48
you should use the gmane archives , they are much nicer than SF20:49
youcan even read nice-info as a newsgroup there
se the NiceInfo page in the Doc Wiki for the links
see ...
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