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<bonniot>hello arjan11:10
<bonniot>was there a problem with allowing 'type name = ...' for expression-local variables?11:11
<arjanb>it's but possible but ugly from parsing point of view11:13
<bonniot>big lookahead?
what would be ambiguous again?
<arjanb>you need a non constant lookahead11:14
<bonniot>yes, but we have that already11:15
what would be ambiguous again?11:17
<arjanb>foo < bar > x = ...11:20
foo < bar < x = ...
i think a semantic lookahead would be fine, no?
LOOKAHEAD(monotype() ident() "=")
<bonniot>sent a proposal to nice-info to replace let by val11:30
i'm going to implement JdkCompatibility now11:31
idea for a better name?
other current issues?12:01
i will be away for a day12:14
<bonniot>Some other work-around could be put in JDK (getStackTrace) but that's not urgent12:20
i'd like to get 'val' and expression-local vars with types in 0.9.6
when are you leaving?12:21
<arjanb>in 2 minutes
<bonniot>ah ;-)
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<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 13:11
Implement String.replaceAll(String,String) so that we do not require JDK 1.4
to run nicedoc.
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hello all...
daniel? not online?18:41
Ok, maybe see you tomorrow...18:51
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<bonniot>sorry, i was afk. see you tomorrow (assuming you read the log ;-)20:09
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ok, again no one online... ;)21:34
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