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<bonniot>hi, i'll be available in ~20 minutes13:53
<magnus-->I'm just here to spy:)13:54
<arjanb>daniel: the manual on website needs to be updated with the cvs version14:13
<bonniot>hello again14:25
what format of the manual?14:26
the html version is recent14:27
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<arjanb>the html version doesn't contain method implementation in interfaces14:32
<bonniot>ok, i see the html needs updating too
<arjanb>typo in that section iterface -> interface14:35
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/web/manual.xml: Typos.14:40
<arjanb>first class functions are very useful but why doesn't exist something similar for local/global variables and fields ?20:05
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<arjanb><T> void for(var T elem, Collection<T> in, ()->void block)20:58
let iter = in.forIterator();
elem = iter.next();
this could be the implementation of the enhanced for loop without the unexpected behavior isaac found21:01
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