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<bonniot>how are you doing?10:48
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the official beta of java 1.5 is released now11:58
<Bluelive>cant wait till all the blogs overflow with the reviews ;)14:47
<arjanb>java 1.5 is probably going to win in release date so we have to add support for java 1.5 before nice 1.014:53
<bonniot>it' planned for the summer, right?14:58
<CIA-5>03bonniot * 10swing/ (6 files in 4 dirs): 16:18
Maven support for building the examples and uploading to the nice.sf.net
<bonniot>do you know how long is the anonymous CVS delay these days?16:21
<arjanb>not sure but less than a day16:23
<Bluelive>time to install the beta16:25
haha, some guy on a java forum: I dont like generics, they make code unreadable and overly complex. geh, never thought i would anybody say such a thing16:49
<bonniot>many do...16:59
<Bluelive>i guess im missing a point then
<arjanb>many programmers seem resistant to change17:00
<CIA-5>03bonniot * 10swing/project.properties: 17:14
Make maven:scm use the ssh access to the CVS repository, to avoid the delay
with anonymous cvs.
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<bonniot>i have the automatic builds configured i think23:33
<arjanb>in maven you mean?23:34
<bonniot>i'm just not sure where (on what machine) they should take place
the build part is OK anywhere, but the reports are done by a webapp, which I don't think is possible on SF23:35
nor on my machine at inria
yes, it's using maven for the build/cvs update and cruise control for the automation
<arjanb>why is it a webapp?23:41
<bonniot>it builds the pages on demand. and there is a part that can control the builds (stop, force a build, change the frequence...)23:42
<arjanb>sounds overfeatured23:44
<bonniot>what would you take out?
<arjanb>i don't see much use in controlling everything from the website23:46
<bonniot>it's a practical way to control a service that is always running23:51
i suppose one gain is that you only process the result into html when a page is actually required (and then you cache it), so you save work23:54
but yes, it would be simpler with static pages
<CIA-3>03arjanb * 10Nice/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Type(constructors) can be passed to an SuperExp to resolve ambigiuties.23:57
<bonniot>LOOKAHEAD("(") "(" seems strange00:03
i suppose that's the same as
<bonniot>in theory, super could return a function that you want to call00:05
i guess that's rather special
<bonniot>ok :-)00:06
you forgot the NEWS entry?00:11
and exp local vars too00:13
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10Nice/ (2 files in 2 dirs): 00:52
Make sure that overloading of default values has been resolved before printing
<bonniot>it's great to have this new form of super. one less case to worry about
Also fail more clearly in case a similar bug with parameters bytecode attribute
happens again in the future.00:53
<bonniot>and this is a fix for the bug Andreas reported
oh, it was rather rubber who reported this one...01:00
<arjanb>are there other bugs that aren't in testsuite or bug tracker yet?01:03
<bonniot>i don't think so, but i was getting confused01:06
that's why it's sure better to have them in the bts or the testsuite :-)01:07
do you think there is any?01:08
<arjanb>not that i know
the fix for christians bug looks more like a workaround01:09
<bonniot>yes, sort of01:10
<arjanb>good night01:46
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