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<arjanb>? i have no memos01:34
<bonniot>that way a typo01:36
my reflection patch seems to work
<bonniot>yep, well done!01:38
you tried stack traces?
<bonniot>and the line numbers for Nice sources are correct?01:39
<arjanb>i think so
i don't know anything to put in before 0.9.601:44
<bonniot>the only question is syntax of CCs I think01:48
<arjanb>flip a coin01:53
i don't see agreement on that soon
good night02:45
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<arjanb>Brian has an interesting question on nice-info11:59
<bonniot>about supressing interfaces?12:00
<arjanb>yes and the diamond problem12:01
<bonniot>because of fields, implementing properties would be a prerequirement in any case12:03
<arjanb>true but it's decided they will be implemented12:06
inteface Top { void foo(); }12:10
interface Left { foo() {...} }
interface Right { foo() {...} }
class Bottom { foo() = super; }
we need something to make the super call not ambigious
interface Right extends Top12:11
interface Left extends Top
<bonniot>yes, it's a know missing feature
<arjanb>it doesn't look difficult to implement12:32
only the syntax is a question
<bonniot>super(Foo,Bar) ?12:39
only sometimes it would be useful not to specify all the types
super(foo: Foo) ?
<arjanb>but parameters aren't always named12:40
<bonniot>that would be the name used in the implementation12:41
so you can always use a name in that implementation if you need it
<arjanb>requiring all types to start with12:44
<bonniot>yes, that's fine12:45
<arjanb>would type be a monotype or typeident like in patterns
<bonniot>a TC, like in patterns12:46
(TypeIdent is only used for parsing, before resolution)
<arjanb>i know12:48
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<Bluelive>jeej, its another, blue cant find the energy to code and want to rm -Rf the disk and the life21:27
<Bluelive>its the old, if im not doing it for myself, who am i doing it for. wuestion21:28
i really should try to code my way to respect and fortune21:31
+stop somewhere
<bonniot>respect and fortune are fuzzy things to catch...
<Bluelive>respect would do21:32
<Bluelive>ah never mind me, just came back from a party where a few friends treated me as just another familiar face21:33
how do you do it ?21:40
<bonniot>do what?
<Bluelive>keep on working withou feedback ?21:41
<bonniot>I do get feedback now21:42
but true, it took some time...
before, I think it was that I had the idea of what I wanted Nice to be able to do, so I was working towards that21:43
<Bluelive>how long did that take ?
<bonniot>it was progressive21:45
i found some emails from mid 01
i think i started in end of 9921:46
<Bluelive>pfft, thats long enough to have secondary hobby's ;p21:47
<bonniot>good night23:40
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