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<CIA-5>03arjanb * 10Nice/stdlib/nice/lang/inline/OptionOr.java: Warning for non-null first argument of an option-or.01:14
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<CIA-5>03xoltar * 10Nice/NEWS: Added info about nice.functional and "using" statement.03:57
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<bonniot>that's a program11:28
wrong window :-)
<arjanb>i see :-)
<bonniot>although it might mean something too...11:29
fine and pretty morning? ;-)
<arjanb>it looks like the wiki email notification doesn't work11:31
<bonniot>there were modifications?11:48
<bonniot>it seemed to me that messages sent to bonniot@users.sf did not arrive either
so maybe there is a general problem with email on sf
<arjanb>i'm not sure about how to do compilation of exp local vars12:06
<bonniot>add a new local bytecode variable at the point of declaration, and remove it at the end of the call, no?12:10
<arjanb>no variables are compiled using expr.LetExp but i don't know scheme12:11
<bonniot>you don't need to know scheme :-)12:13
you don't need to use LetExp either, it's just a tool
maybe it can do the job, but if it cannot you can either modify it or write another gnu.expr.Expression
a priori, i would think LetExp can be used12:14
<arjanb>i don't like skipping over gnu.expr or changing it because all kinds of things depend on that12:16
<bonniot>and did it fail when u used LetExp?12:18
<arjanb>haven't tried yet12:19
so i have to wrap the callExp with vars in letExps12:23
<bonniot>that would make the variablie alive early12:25
but that might be OK as long as its value it computed at the right time
question: in12:26
<arjanb>i see no way the wrap only a part of argument in a single letExp
<bonniot>foo(x, bar(y, val z = ..., t), u)12:27
z should surely be visible to t, but should it be visible to u ?
a priori i would say no12:28
<arjanb>i don't think so
<bonniot>ok, we agree :-12:30
i think you can compile12:50
foo(e1, val y = e2, e3)12:51
LetExp with local variable y12:54
and body ApplyExp(foo, [e1, SetExp(y, e2), e3])12:55
<arjanb>i will try that13:17
<Bluelive_>i would even think that y would only have scope inside the expression, its not a statement block14:09
<arjanb>that would make it useless14:13
but i think val y is a statement, not an expression14:14
<bonniot>that's the new feature14:24
what is the value of the user.home property in Windows?14:50
<arjanb>C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\14:52
this is in win2k14:53
<bonniot>ok thanks
do u think it's different on other versions of win?
<arjanb>xp no but 98 i think so14:54
<bonniot>what about xp?
<Bluelive_>can change per language, or when using profiles stored on a central server
and is there a "user friendly" way to refer to that directory?14:55
<arjanb>someone needs the debuging options of nicec?
<bonniot>no, it's for the Maven support14:56
i'm starting to write some doc
<Bluelive>ehmz, %USERHOME% or something
<bonniot>in this case, people need to create a file in that directory14:57
is there a shortcut on the desktop?
and then "new file" ?
<arjanb>%USERPROFILE% it is
i don't know a shortcut14:59
<bonniot>isn't there a button "Home" in file dialogs?15:00
or that one brings you to my documents?
<arjanb>my documents is a subdir of userhome but you can't get to userhome from there15:02
<bonniot>very logical!
<arjanb>going one dir up you get in the desktop dir15:03
for who is that maven thing?15:04
isn't it possible to include a simple batch file?15:07
<bonniot>maven is for everybody15:08
it's a way to describe a project, a get many automatic tools to build it, test it, generate documentation, ...15:09
i plan to use it for Nice libraries, but it can be useful to any user
it's a kind of super-Ant ;-)
<arjanb>maven is an ant extension right?
must the maven file for nice be in the userhome?15:10
<bonniot>it's a file to tell maven where to download the maven plugin15:11
as far as I know, it must be in the user.home directory15:12
<arjanb>is there no documentation about how to install maven where you can refer to?15:13
<bonniot>this is not a common thing to do15:18
most maven users don't need to do this, because they will use the default repository
beta testing and corrections of the guide are welcome :-)
<arjanb>btw how is nicedoc?15:30
<bonniot>no news since the first prototype15:31
<bonniot>but i saw some code, so it's probably going to happen...15:33
it could build Swing and generate a website:15:56
it seems the metrics work out of the box for Nice16:03
they work at the bytecode level
arjan, are you trying to avoid having your email on webpages?16:10
<arjanb>my direct email address yes but no problem for aliases 16:11
<bonniot>so which one is OK?
<arjanb>@ sf.net one16:12
why is that so?
<arjanb>easier filtering16:13
what do you think of the generated pages?
<arjanb>looks good16:14
a bit overkill though16:15
<bonniot>i suppose it's possible to disable what you don't need16:17
what do you think it overkill?16:18
<arjanb>first all things can't be generated correctly16:19
<bonniot>like what?16:22
link check report, activity reports are useless16:26
the links on mailinglist page are wrong
my lastname -g +k16:27
checkstyle would only work for Java
at the moment :-)16:29
activity reports are interesting, just not setup correctly it seems
i'm going to check what's wrong with the mailing lists
<arjanb>depencies page is empty
<bonniot>yes, swing does not depend on anything16:30
not sure yet if we should put the Nice compiler/plugin as a dependency or not
<arjanb>what the use of source Xreference?
what is
<bonniot>it's something to browse the source16:31
with links from use to definition16:34
i think
<arjanb>doesn't work for nice code it seems
not very surprising, it must work at the source level
fixecd mailing lists16:37
let's see if i can disable xref
here's a real example of xref:16:41
i'll see about disabling later, i'm running out of time, I will soon leave for the week-end
<CIA-3>03bonniot * 10swing/ (project.xml .cvsignore): Added support for Maven.16:50
<bonniot>arjan, don't we have agreed on different syntaxes for CCs and OCs?17:15
<arjanb>not that i know17:21
<bonniot>i have written on the wiki about that17:30
have a nice week-end all of you!
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