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<arjanb>hmm that stacktrace fix is quite a hack01:29
} catch (NoSuchMethodError e) {01:30
is the compiler still compilable with java 1.3?01:31
and what does gcj find when using the stacktrace fix in a nice program?01:35
<bonniot>gcj has the getStackTrace method I think (classpath has had it for a long time, more than a year)02:01
and the automatic tests passed for JDK 1.302:02
actually that's surprising...
<arjanb>but do they include your changes?
it isn't in anonymous cvs yet02:03
<bonniot>yes, right02:04
so compilation with 1.3 will fail, but execution should be OK02:05
that's not ideal, but the feature is very important I think
i suppose we could call the method by reflexion, and then it would still compile with 1.302:08
how do you see the code? by cvs ssh?02:10
<arjanb>why not do that?
i did an update just between the down times
<bonniot>reflexion call?02:11
i just had the idea02:12
<arjanb>i see02:14
<bonniot>what do you think about it?02:15
<bonniot>do you think it's better to call that method by reflexion?02:16
<arjanb>yes that's where reflexion exists for02:17
<bonniot>ok, i'll see that another day
unless you implement it before :-)
good night02:18
<arjanb>good night
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<arjanb>*back on monday*18:00
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