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<bonniot>how's alpha doing?09:06
<Bluelive>pretty good09:07
thinking about reintegrating the code generator again
altough the validity checker isnt totally there yet09:08
and delegates are still a big blackhole
but parametrics work09:09
some work needed on passing constraints to subclasses
next thing all add is something that checks if every node in the ast has every thing done09:11
but i think an alpha version can miss a few features and parse source and give a false positive09:17
as long as it eats correct code allright
<Bluelive>did you do something liek that with nice ?
<bonniot>like what?09:22
early release?
<Bluelive>leaving out features, not checking all type constraints
<bonniot>for type-checking, not really, i consider that essential09:24
there were minor points, though
like taking multi-threading into account for dynamic type inference
(ignore last line)09:25
<Bluelive>well, i dont think alpha is ever goign to be threadsafe at that level
how long did you need to get an early workign version ?09:31
<bonniot>I'm not sure of the timeline09:39
<Bluelive>minutes, years ?
<bonniot>The SF project was created in 2000-10, but there had been development earlier privately09:40
between the two :-)
i started with just implementing a parser and type-checker
that surely took some time, because the type-checker was already very sofisticated09:41
i only added code generation later
i remember the first hello-world
i think I even kept the log...
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<Bluelive>hello arjan16:05
do you know the nosica project ?
<bonniot>hi arjan16:06
<Bluelive>aparantly two french dudes with a compiler, pretty similair to nice, and i guess alpha
<bonniot>yes, i looked at it some time ago
<arjanb>i have seen that one too16:07
<Bluelive>they asked me to turn to the darkside ;)
<bonniot>which one?
<Bluelive>working with c++ for the job really motivates 16:08
<bonniot>i think they are looking at too many things at the same time to achieve any properly (at least in their discussions)
don't understand your sentence16:09
<arjanb>nosica looks a bit too lowlevel to me
<Bluelive>sorry, i write c++ for a job, besides studying. and that really motivates me to give the world something better
then i don't see how that answers the question about the dark side!
<Bluelive>hmz, both primitive and reference types, but only refrencecounted gc16:11
well they asked me to join them in their project after reading my wiki
<bonniot>and you said?
<arjanb>for replacement of c++ is the D language from digitalmars a better candidate i think
<Bluelive>nothing yet, emailed them, but no response yet16:12
read a bit about d, but it didnt really speak to me16:13
<bonniot>so you're getting lots of offers ;-)
<Bluelive>now if they would pay... :)
then i could finance Alpha ;p
<bonniot>but you wouldn't have the time...16:14
<Bluelive>time is something to make, not have16:15
<bonniot>yes, up to a point :-)16:18
<Bluelive>anyways, you dnt work on nice full time, correct?
<bonniot>well, i'm also on my PhD. They are sort-of related :-)16:19
arjan, do you see anything missing for 0.9.6 ?16:48
<arjanb>no although the number of changes compared to 0.9.5 is not big16:54
and the changelog isn't updated about CCs
there a few bugs that might annoy people, like new Object()16:55
wasn't also new Object[...] fixed in 0.9.6?
<arjanb>not sure16:56
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<Bluelive>hmz, installed a bugzilla23:30
less see if thats handy
<arjanb>daniel will you do more changes before release?00:21
<bonniot>nothing planned, i'm waiting for some feedback on CCs. why?00:23
<arjanb>just curious
waiting at who?00:24
<bonniot>i sent an email to the people who contributed to the wiki discussions (3 ppl)
<arjanb>i see
<bonniot>the part about constructors only
btw, i commented out most of java-io.nice locally, it saves me about 30% on testsuite!00:31