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the enum testcase are failing now
<bonniot>everything OK on http://nice.sourceforge.net/tests.html13:36
do you have that failure with CVS HEAD?13:40
does your bootstrap process recompile everything (including nice.lang)?13:41
you could try loading using dev version to bootstrap
<arjanb>i'm doing that now
do you have that failure with CVS HEAD?
<arjanb>yes but it's a bootstrap issue no problem when using the dev version13:42
<bonniot>does your bootstrap process recompile everything (including nice.lang)?
<arjanb>nice.lang not i think13:45
<bonniot>that must be the problem13:46
you don't recompile nice.lang.Enum
and since the new compiler writes and expects new attributes in the bytecode, everything needs to be recompiled13:47
i think you could simply add "-R" to your initial compilation, that yould prevent this problem for the future14:37
arjan, are you busy. did you work on exp-local variables?15:47
<arjanb>though i'm feeling a little better now i'm not active16:03
exp-local variables have to wait some time because i'm leaving for a few days tomorrow16:05
i'm hoping to release a version with CC before christmas, if all goes well
<arjanb>i have tried CC with field overrides and they seems to work16:08
a real release or some announcement on nice-info?16:09
<bonniot>a real release, if it's ready16:12
what about parametric classes?16:13
<arjanb>they fail with classname has n type parameters16:17
<bonniot>could you commit a testcase?16:19
<arjanb>what would the syntax be when using a typeparam as argument type of the CC16:26
<T> new A(T t) ...
or just new A(T t) ...16:27
committed one16:37
<bonniot>i think rather <T> new A(T t)16:43
like normal methods
do you want to do the syntactic part (parsing the constraint)?16:51
i'm not sure about requiring the constraint for CCs16:59
<bonniot>it's the same situation as with methods17:47
you could make a proposal to change that, but it should be consistent and so handle both
and that's a different issue17:48
works for single package, looking at multi...18:25
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<arjanb>leaving constraints away isn't big issue for me23:42
but i would like to put CC inside classes
i think it's a good coding style to put everything closely related to a class inside it23:46
<bonniot>both should be possible, yes, like methods23:48
(it's nice to add a CC to an existing class, too :-)
<bonniot>sometimes it is good coding style to split things in different modules, so that independent aspects can be dealt separately23:51
<arjanb>for methods yes but getters/setters and CCs belong to a class23:58
<arjanb>because they expose the external view of a class00:00
<bonniot>you mean internal?00:01
<arjanb>yes i think00:02
<bonniot>they just create a possible view of the class00:03
if I want to create another view in a different package, there is nothing wrong with that
it's actually very useful
e.g. Points
natively in the x,y coordinates
but another package can offer the angle,distance view, without needing to create a new class (and then you need to convert from one to the other, a mess)00:04
it's all about enabling modular programming, much more than class-based languages do00:05
<arjanb>the possibility to do such things is a great plus for Nice but the class-based style should stay possible00:06
for the homepage i think the link to the changelog is a good idea00:07
and i would like a link to the project page00:08
<bonniot>i agree about allowing definitions inside classes too
NEWS, yes, but maybe a more general system of "news" would be good00:09
only i'm not sure how that combines with nice-info, wiki, ...
<arjanb>what about a weekly thing that mentions the changes in dev version and summarizes the issues currently being discussed00:13
this could be sent to nice-info and being archived on the wiki with a link from the homepage
i think showing the development is important as it's one of the things where a project is judged on00:18
<bonniot>Nice Weekly News? that's a good idea :-)
who would write it?
i'll be going00:22
have a nice christmas!
<arjanb>you are away for some days?
<bonniot>you are, aren't you?00:23
i'll be travelling around, but I should have some kind of net access quite frequently
<arjanb>good night and merry christmas in case i don't speak you tomorrow00:25
<bonniot>thanks. good night
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